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Information Technology Purchases

Universal Access Review Process for the purchase of new EIT Products

Cerritos College is committed to ensure all programs and services are accessible and useable by all students, staff and faculty. Universal Access to Electronic Information and Technology (EIT) is a college responsibility. Universal Access considers only EIT products which are designed to be useable by all people to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design when principles of Universal Access or Design are applied, EIT products meet the needs of potential users with a wide variety of characteristics (Burgstahler, 2014). Universal Access follows Cerritos Board Policy 3411, 6365 and 3720 and meet other state and federal mandates.

Universal Access is a goal which places high values on diversity, equality and inclusiveness.

Universal Access acknowledges learning difference and benefits all students.

Before considering an EIT Product for purchase, consider the following:

  1. Identify the application- how will the product be used
  2. Who will be using the product
  3. Does the product incorporate principles of Universal Design
    1. Equitable use
    2. Flexibility of use
    3. Simple and intuitive
    4. Perceptive information
    5. Tolerance for error
    6. Low physical effort


Voluntary Product Template (VPAT)

A VPAT is a table which describes how the proposed EIT hardware software or on-line service enables usability by people with limited capacity to see, hear or exercise muscular control. VPAT, were developed by the Information Technology Industry Council and the federal government to address Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. Cerritos procurement and contract process for EIT acquisition must comply with California Government Code Section 1135(d)(3)

Chancellor’s Office Webpage:

Cerritos Universal Access Webpage:

For more information contact:

  • Information Technology, Patrick O’Donnell ext. 2171
  • Purchasing, Mark Logan ext. 2245
  • DSPS, Steven LA Vigne  ext. 2345


Universal Access Review Process


Step 1: Request from the Vendor a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) or Proof of     508 Accessibility

Step 2: Verify Product Specifications (System Requirements, Server Requirements, Peripheral  Devices)

Step 3: Complete an Information Technology work order to

   Subject: Universal Access Review Dean/Director Name (ex. Universal Access    Review/Mason)

   Include in Body of Text

   Requestor Name _______________ Ext. ___________ Email:______________________

   Division: ______________________ Dean/Director:____________________

   Software/Website Name:

   Associated URL

   How will product be used: (write a paragraph, classroom course title, user/student interface)

   System requirement: Workstation

   Local Server Requirement:

   Cloud Connection:

   Required peripheral Devices

   Vendor prepared VPAT attached

Step 4: IT will review the VPAT and test product accessibility

   EI&T Product Accessibility Review

Step 5: Notification to requestor

     Product cleared

     Cleared w/exceptions

     Returned-Non Compliant

Step 6: Cleared Products forwarded to Purchasing


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