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Universal Access Task Force

The Universal Access Task Force was established in 2014 to discuss accessibility to electronic information and technology for individuals with disabilities and compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.  Originally named “508 Task Force”, the membership of the Task Force consists of campus staff who have a special interest in Section 508 mandates and accessibility to electronic information and technology.  The name was changed to Universal Access in 2015.

Co-Chairs:  Dr. Steven La Vigne, Acting Dean of Disabled Student Programs and Services and Dr. Valyncia Raphael, Director of Diversity, Compliance and Title IX Coordinator


  • Dr. Adriana Flores-Church, Vice President of Human Resources
  • Felipe Lopez, Vice President of Business Services
  • Miya Walker, Director, College Relations, Public Affairs and Governmental Relations
  • Patrick O’Donnell, Director of Information Technology
  • Mark Logan, Director of Purchasing
  • Shawna Baskette, Dean Academic Success
  • Elizabeth Miller, Dean of Student Services
  • Dr. Dilcie Perez, Vice President of Student Services
  • Rick Miranda, Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • April Griffin, Instructor/Director of Forensics, Speech
  • Andrew Maz, Instructor, Music
  • Stephanie Rosenblatt, Instruction Librarian
  • Linda Hua, Instructor, English
  • Monica Lopez, Librarian

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