Common Registration Errors

  • Prerequisites Error: Check to see if you have taken and passed the course that is required prior to the attempting to add.

    Intermediate Algebra, Math 80 – 4.0 Units
    Prerequisite: Math 60, equivalent with a grade of Credit or “C”, or higher or a satisfactory score on Intermediate Algebra Readiness test.

  • Time scheduling error: A conflict in a class that meets during the same time as another class you are enrolled in. Check your schedule.

  • Unit Load Exceeded: You have reached your unit max for the semester. See a counselor
    to increase your unit load if you qualify.

  • Course previously taken: You have taken or withdrawn from the course twice in the past. You must complete an Academic Records & Standards Committee Petition and submit to Admissions & Records to retake this course. Forms are available at the information desk.

  • Hold on registration: You have a hold on your account. Visit MyCerritos “Holds” tab to determine the reason for the hold.

  • Multiple enrollment not allowed: If you are already enrolled in a course or are enrolled in the course under a different class (ticket) number, check your class schedule.

  • You do not have a valid enrollment time: Until your appointment time passes, you are only able to
    add classes to the shopping cart. To locate your appointment time, visit MyCerritos “Enrollment Dates.”

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