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Department Curriculum

Dance Department Curriculum

DANC 50 Individualized Dance Development

DANC 100 Dance Appreciation

DANC 101 Dance History

DANC 102 Introduction to Adaptive Dance

DANC 103 Dance Conditioning and Alignment

DANC 104 Cardio Barre Conditioning

DANC 105 Introduction to Dance

DANC 106A Beginning Ballet

DANC 106B Intermediate Ballet

DANC 106C Advanced Ballet

DANC 107 Ballet Variations

DANC 108A Beginning Modern Dance

DANC 108B Intermediate Modern Dance

DANC 108C Advanced Modern Dance

DANC 109 Introduction to Dance Cultures of the World

DANC 110 Commercial Dance Foundations

DANC 112 Contemporary Dance

DANC 115 Liturgical Dance

DANC 120 Partnering for Dance

DANC 121 Latin Social Dance

DANC 122 Middle Eastern Dance

DANC 123 African Dance

DANC 124 Hip Hop Dance I

DANC 125 Introduction to Ballroom Dance

DANC 126 Hip Hop Dance II

DANC 127 Ballet Folklorico

DANC 128 Latin Dance Performance

DANC 129 Heels Dance Class

DANC 130 Dance Improvisation

DANC 130A Beginning Choreography

DANC 130B Intermediate Choreography

DANC 131 Dance Movement Analysis

DANC 132 Dance and Technology

DANC 133 Dance Production

DANC 134 Dance Performance

DANC 135 Dance Workshop

DANC 136 Dance Repertory

DANC 138 Dance Teaching Methods

DANC 140 Beginning Jazz Dance

DANC 141 Intermediate Jazz Dance

DANC 142 Beginning Tap Dance

DANC 143 Intermediate Tap Dance

DANC 144 Dance for Musical Theatre

DANC 150 Rehearsal for Formal Dance Concerts

DANC 151 Rehearsal for Informal Dance Showcases



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