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Joel Castro
I grew up in foster care. Despite many setbacks, I discovered EOPS and the former foster youth support program LINC at Cerritos College, and was able to turn my college life around. I also landed a part-time job with LINC. I found my career interest in sport marketing through career assessment, and chose to major in communications. From there, everything fell into place and I began to excel, and received the Foster Youth Scholarship.
Joel Castro
Communications, San Francisco State University
Future Job: Sports Entertainment Professional
Tran Pham
I moved from Vietnam to the United States in 2017 and enrolled at Cerritos College. At first, I was afraid to speak up because of the language barrier. However, once I joined the Toast Master Club on campus, I became more confident in public speaking; and assumed leadership positions with the Accounting Club including serving as the president. I want to become a CPA as I believe it will grant me a better future and help me become a better-rounded professional.
Tran Pham
Accounting, University of California, Berkeley
Future job: Certified Public Accountant
Dantes Sivilla
When I started taking welding classes at Cerritos College, I told myself that my goal was to work in aerospace and have my welds and projects in space one day. I never imagined that I would achieve that goal within a few years. That being said, my advice to others would be to never be afraid to challenge yourself and set your goals high, they might be more achievable than you think.
Dantes Sivilla
Arc Welding, Welding Fabrication and Layout, and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, Cerritos College
Current Job: Orbital Tube Welding, Space X
Rachelle Elhessen
I plan to earn a B.S. in chemical engineering with the goal of advancing technologies in sustainable and clean energy to aid third-world countries. Engineering can be used for so much more than just structurally designing houses and buildings. Having visited third world countries in the Middle East, I have witnessed first-hand the consequences of water and electricity shortages. As a chemical engineer, I can remedy this problem.
Rachelle Elhessen
Chemical Engineering, University of Southern California
Future Job: Chemical Engineer
Lorraine Gersitz
It's great to see young people enjoy the sport I love and the camaraderie, and learn how to work as a team and run a club. Triathlon is a great lifetime sport that you get to know what your body can do. You can't beat the feeling you get when you cross the finish line.
Lorraine Gersitz
Librarian and Triathlon Club Advisor/Coach

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