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Coordinating Committee Roster

2021-2022 Coordinating Committee Roster


  • Dr. Jose Fierro, President/Superintendent (Chairperson)
    Ex-officio member

  • Rick Miranda, Vice President of Academic Affairs
    Ex-officio member

  • Felipe Lopez, Vice President of Business Services
    Ex-officio member

  • Dr. Dilcie Perez, Vice President of Student Services
    Ex-officio member

  • Dr. Adriana Flores-Church, Vice President of Human Resources
    Ex-officio member


  • Colleen McKinley, Educational Partnerships and Programs
    ACCME President


  • Dennis Falcon, Business Education/Humanities & Social Sciences
    Faculty Senate President
    Ex-officio member

  • Dr. Lynn Wang, Financial Aid
    CCFF President
    Ex-officio member

  • Liz Page, Student Accessibility Services
    Faculty Representative

  • Dean Mellas, Science, Engineering & Mathematics
    Faculty Representative


  • Irlanda Lopez, Cosmetology
    CSEA President
    Ex-officio member

  • Erik Duane, Information Technology
    CSEA Representative

  • Michele Kingston, Information Technology
    CSEA Representative


  • Cheryl Thury, President's Office
    Confidential Representative
    Ex-officio member


  • Ethan Mclaughlin, ASCC Vice President

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