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Cerritos College offers additional flexibility for students to take classes online or in-person. Take a look at the online Schedule of Classes (i.e., SchedulePlus) to determine if a class is REMOTE, ONLINE, HYBRID, or 100% IN-PERSON.  

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Synchronous online

Students must log on at the day/time specified for the class. 

In SchedulePlus, the room location is identified as REMOTE for synchronous online classes.

Asynchronous online

Students can log on any day/time they are available to complete coursework by the established deadlines. You will need to log on for the first time before the first drop deadline for the class to avoid being dropped.

In SchedulePlus, the room location is identified as ONLINE for asynchronous online


Classes include a combination of online instruction and in-person meetings.  

NOTE: For hybrid classes, instructors will provide students with information about how the first class meeting will be conducted (i.e., in-person or online):

  • If this information has not been provided prior to the first day of classes (e.g., via campus email; posted on Canvas course), students should contact the instructor directly to confirm how they are expected to attend the first day of class.
  • Students may link directly to faculty email addresses by clicking on the instructor name in SchedulePlus. 
  • Critical: Only half of the students enrolled in the class will be permitted to attend in-person for any given class meeting, so the instructor will divide students into two groups and provide information about which dates each group is expected to attend class in-person throughout the semester.
  • Critical: As class capacity is limited, students on the waitlist should not come to campus to try to add classes.  Instead, students should mail the instructor on Day 1 or 2.    

Lecture-only: Hybrid classes are identified in SchedulePlus by a specified day/time and a physical room location; hybrid classes include a Comment that indicates that a portion of the instruction will be delivered online and students should contact instructor for details about the class meeting pattern.

Separate lecture/lab components: For hybrid classes with separate components for lecture and lab, the online component will be identified in SchedulePlus as either REMOTE or ONLINE; a specified day/time and a physical room location will be identified for the in-person component.

100% IN PERSON Classes will meet on campus at the day/time and room specified for the class. 100% in-person classes will be identified in SchedulePlus by a physical room location


You can now link directly to an instructor’s Cerritos College email address from the online Schedule of Classes.  If you have any questions about a class that you are exploring (e.g., hybrid class meeting schedule), contact the instructor for additional information.  After enrolling in classes, students should log in to Canvas for further instructions about class meetings.

NOTE: Please be advised that instructors may have different requirements related to the use of technology and specific software in their classes. In some classes, students may be required to use a computer/laptop/other device with a reliable webcam and microphone (e.g., to support proctoring software which records webcam and/or screen activity during quizzes and exams). Other classes may require the use of other software to track and/or control the import and export of content from various apps to ensure academic integrity during quizzes/exam. If you have any questions, it is recommended that you reach out to the instructor prior to enrollment to clarify specific requirements so that you can enroll in a class that is most suited to your needs or preferences.  You may link directly to faculty email addresses by clicking on the instructor name in SchedulePlus.

 The college catalog is the official publication of record regarding courses offered, degree and certificate program outlines and requirements and additional policies and procedures for the campus.

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