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Return Of Equipment-Supplies To Vendors

Return of Merchandise

All requests for merchandise to be returned will be made via e-mail to your area Buyer Point-of-Contact by the requisitioner to the Purchasing Department.  The items will remain with the requisitioner until the approval to return the items has been processed.

Restocking Charge

If the incorrect merchandise delivery is due to an ordering error, the supplier is under no obligation to accept the return and may impose a restocking charge.  The buyer will negotiate to reduce this charge whenever possible.  This restocking charge will be the responsibility of the requesting department.

Credit Memos

Departments receiving credit memos for the return of merchandise should forward them to Fiscal Services.  Fiscal Services will use this credit memo on the next payment to the supplier and credit the original charge.  (Note: Some companies will not give cash refunds).


A Merchandise Return Request Form must be completed in order to return material through the Purchasing Department.  Fill out the following areas on the Merchandise Return Request Form

1.   Date – the date the Merchandise Return Request Form is being prepared.

2.   PO # - enter the PO # which the items to be returned was originally ordered.

3.   Department – The name of the funding department.

4.   Name – The name of the individual preparing the item(s) for return.

5.   Ext # - The campus phone extension of the individual preparing the return.

6.   Pick Up Location – the building & room # of the items to be picked up.

7.   Item(s) to be returned – Give a complete description of the item(s) to be returned.

8.   # of Boxes – Quantity of the item(s) to be returned.

9.   Reason(s) – The reason an item is being returned.

10. Supplier – The supplier from whom the item(s) being returned was ordered.

11. Return Authorization # - If a Return Authorization # is required by the supplier, this # should be obtained from the vendor and entered. 

12. Date – The date the Return Authorization. # is obtained.

13. Authorized by – The name of the individual issuing the Return Authorization #.

14. Phone # - The vendor’s telephone #.

15. Method of Return – Enter the method that the items will be returned, i.e. UPS, USPS.  etc.

16. Return Address – Many times the address used to return an item is NOT the same as the original order address.  Be certain to enter the correct return address.

17. Attention – Enter the appropriate supplier division or individual’s name as instructed by the supplier.

18. Special Instruction – Enter any additional instructions given by the supplier regarding this return.

19. Picked up by (Warehouse) – A representative from the warehouse must sign in this space when an item is picked  up for return to a supplier.   

20.  Picked up by (Carrier Rep) – When an item being returned to a supplier is to be picked up by UPS, etc., the driver should sign for the item.

21.  Date – The date an item is picked up by UPS, etc.
 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call your Buyer Point-of-Contact.

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