Welcome to the Cerritos College Retired Faculty Association

The Cerritos College Retired Faculty Association (CCRFA) is made up of retired faculty, counselors and administrators of Cerritos College. Our current membership numbers 110. However, we keep track of about 150 retired faculty. Our purpose is to meet socially, stay abreast of what is happening at Cerritos College and try to keep up with legislation being passed or considered in Sacramento affecting STRS and PERS retirees. We are not a political organization and do not lobby in Sacramento, leaving that job for the California Retired Teacher Association.

Although we meet twice a year at Cerritos College (on center stage in the Student Center) for lunch – usually in April and October. We try to have other social activities in between the April and October lunch meetings. We have organized a Palm Desert weekend, a Sunday at the beach, and also went for a cruise on the SS Lane Victory and attended a dinner/dance at the Huntington Harbour Yacht Club. Our newsletter is published twice a year and is made up entirely of letters received from our membership.

We stand ready to assist faculty with their non-STRS questions about retirement. We also stand ready to help students planning to be teachers with scholarships.  If you would like to contact CCRFA, please e-mail Jon Fults at fults007@gmail.com. Jon will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


                                               Dr. Wilfred Michael and Jerry Shopfner.