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Lillian Buckley Feels at Home at Cerritos College

Lillian Buckley

For Lillian Buckley, Cerritos College has always felt comfortable and familiar. At 10, she signed up for summer classes on campus. She took part-time French and Chinese courses at 16, and at 18, she enrolled as a full-time Business Administration student. With an early interest in business and a passion for cultural diversity, Lillian found a home at Cerritos College where she could pursue her personal hobbies and develop her natural skill sets. 

“When I was younger the staff listened to me,” Lillian says, “I never forgot how safe and supported they made me feel.” The support she received inspired her to give back to other students. Lillian is a Student Ambassador, an ASCC Student Senator, and a representative of the ASCC Inter-Club Council (ICC). She is also an EOPS student and a member of the Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society (AGS).

As a member of these organizations, Lillian develops her skills as a multi-faceted leader who connects students to resources and services and helps to represent students in important campus decision-making. Lillian is grateful to be surrounded by like-minded, ambitious peers, and encouraging faculty.

“My favorite part about being a Student Ambassador is guiding students where they want to go,” Lillian explains. “We give students the resources they need.” She also enjoys helping to connect students to campus programs like Falcon’s Nest for housing, emergency aid, food, and hygiene support. “You can get really involved [on campus], and it’s a great opportunity for social development and networking for the future.” 

The COVID-19 pandemic challenged Lillian to quickly adjust to learning online. She didn’t feel technically savvy behind a screen because she was used to engaging with her professors in person. Taking her classes online didn’t stop Lillian from moving forward. She found digital support, including recorded lectures and virtual color-coded class schedules to help her stay organized and on track. Lillian’s professors also remained available and hosted virtual office hours for students who needed assistance. “My favorite professor teaches Chinese. I’m not in his class anymore, but he’s still available if I need help and encourages me to join his lectures just to learn,” Lillian smiles

The EOPS program has been a helpful resource for Lillian. Through EOPS, she is connected to tutors, career counselors, community activities, and a family of friends.

Lillian has ambitious plans for her future. She wants to work as a management analyst at an international business overseas. Her time at Cerritos College has helped her discover her interest in having a career as an analyst. “[At Cerritos College] you will feel more confident and secure as a person who knows what you want to do and how to get there. Students get more than an education here; they get the support they need to make decisions.”

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