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Brandi Mascorro


I have my degree in Journalism but pursued a career in the makeup industry & have been working professionally in this industry for the last 13 years. I wanted to obtain my esthetician’s license to add to my resume and chose Cerritos College. Shannon Estrada was one of the people that guided me through the process and was so amazing and helpful as it can be an overwhelming process. She made it easy and was extremely helpful in answering all my questions/concerns during the process. I am really happy in the program so far and so glad I chose Cerritos College! :) 

Brenda Torres


Cerritos College has been outstanding in helping/facilitating the process to return to classes!!!   Shannon has been a true “Angel” with her patience and guidance.   I’m very grateful we have her. 

Deborah Goss


There is a silver lining to the past year and a half of the Covid-19 pandemic; the opportunity to make a change and start over.   At 50 years old, I decided to go back to school for a second time and enrolled at Cerritos (online). It’s been over 20 years since I’ve been in school, so I was hesitant and very nervous.  Shannon Estrada is the Re-Entry Resource Specialist, and she guided me through the entire process!  Thank you, Shannon!

Cerritos College


I was very nervous and frankly delayed coming back to school for many reasons. When I first started the process, I had a little trouble and many questions. I was lucky enough to speak with Shannon Estrada who not only walked me through signing up but also gave me tips and helped me navigate through the starting process. I am happy to say that my experience has been great and I am about to finally finish my AA and I truly think that because of Shannon making it easy for me, I was able to continue the process. I strongly recommend for Re-Entry students to communicate with Shannon, she makes what seems to be a very intimidating process simple.

Patricia Castillo


I am Trisha Castillo 55, and I’m going back to college for a 2nd degree, ASL translator/ Speech Pathologist. Being older, one may think, “I'm way too old to go to school”... YOU’RE NOT! No matter how old you are just continue to achieve your long term goals. Never ever give up. While you may feel overwhelmed, I have great news for you...Shannon Estrada, she is the Re-entry specialist. She has guided me tremendously and she will help you too. So just like you, I was really lost due to so many changes, but no worries, Shannon Estrada is there to help you on your journey also. So, when you seek help just remember Shannon Estrada.

Rose Enriquez


It has been over 35 years since I had attended Cerritos College and I am so overwhelmed with excitement to once again be a part of the Falcon Family. I wouldn’t have succeeded in my classes last semester without the support and guidance of our Cerritos College Re Entry Specialist Ms. Shannon Estrada. Not only did Ms. Estrada assist me with scheduling an appointment with an Academic and Financial Aid Counselor, but she also provided me with the many resources that are offered on campus for every student. After being out of school for many years and then having to go straight to online class instruction was a challenge for me, but I would not have been able to pull through without the support from my family, professors, and my counselor. I am so thankful to be given a second chance to attend Cerritos College, and truly blessed to have a caring person like Ms. Estrada working in the Re Entry Office. I look forward to going back on campus to meet all the amazing staff members that have been there for me. Never too old to enroll. Goo Falcons!

Sebrina Valdez


“Shannon makes me feel special at Cerritos College, she has helped me to have that drive again to continue my education! She is very kind and guided me on how to open new doors and helped me to get back on track to getting that AA, while acquiring my BA! I am living proof that not age, money, or any other of life’s obstacles can stop one from bettering their life at any stage! I realized I needed to just do it!”

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