Celebrating 65 Years of Student Success and Academic Excellence 1955 - 2020


For more than six decades, Cerritos College has flourished as the heart of the community. Cerritos College has remained true to the vision of its founders, providing generations of students with opportunities to further their education and realize their dreams. It’s continued to be a place of refuge where everyone is welcome with opened arms. 

The Cerritos College story embodies modest and humble beginnings marked by challenges, dreams, and hard work. With its beginnings in the 1950s as a small institution nestled deep within Dairy Valley, Cerritos College has been transformed into an ultra-modern institution with state-of-the-art facilities boasting more than 21,000, diverse students. 

During its 65-year history, Cerritos College has created its own story and changed the lives of thousands of people. The future is bright as an institution that will continue to serve as a beacon of hope to a community longing for change. 

The History of Cerritos College