2020 Institutional Self Evaluation


Dear Colleagues,

Late yesterday we received notice that the ACCJC acted to reaffirm our Accreditation for 18 months and required a Follow-Up Report, due no later than October 1, 2021, followed by a visit from a peer review team. Despite receiving a very positive exit report from our visiting Team Chair, and appealing to the commission during its June meeting, the final Accreditation written report for Cerritos College includes two compliance recommendations and one commendation.

Compliance Recommendations:

  • In order to meet the standards, the team recommends the college assess the accomplishment of its mission by using student learning outcomes and program review data. It is recommended that the college disaggregate and analyze these data and evaluate the efficacy of strategies to mitigate gaps. (I.B.5, I.B.6)
  • In order to meet the standards, the team recommends the college identify and regularly assess learning outcomes for courses, programs, certificates, and degrees. In every class section, the course syllabus must include learning outcomes from the officially approved course outline of record. (II.A.3, I.B.2)

We are already beginning to work on plans to address the recommendations above and some of the work is already being done. Please be ready to assist the team as we work to meet the standards on the above recommendations.

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february 27, 2020 President's message update

Dear Colleagues,

By all accounts, we had an incredible Accreditation site visit this week. As part of ACCJC’s peer review process,the visiting team, led by Dr. Kathleen Rose, Superintendent/President, Gavilan College, conducted over 40 interviews and held two open forums to assess the degree to which the college meets the ACCJC accreditation standards.

At today’s exit forum, Dr. Rose shared the team’s effusive praise of our student-centered campus. It was indeed a very proud moment for me when the team recognized our “active culture of service” at Cerritos College. Focusing on our students is what we do best, and it was quite an honor that our peers recognized our continuous effort to be a student-centered institution.

Dr. Rose highlighted the exemplary work being done in the following areas:

  • Teacher TRAC
  • Automotive Technology
  • Our partnership with National University
  • Basic Needs Taskforce
  • Embedded Tutoring Program
  • Cerritos Complete
  • Dual Enrollment
  • CTX
  • Art Gallery
  • Adult Education and Non-credit Integration
  • Culinary Arts Program
  • Woodworking Program

Dr. Rose also shared a commendation for Cerritos College for creating and encouraging innovation leading to institutional excellence.

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2020 Team Visit February 24-27


  1. Open Forum 1: Tuesday, February 25 TBA
  2. Open Forum 2: Wednesday, February 26 TBA
  3. Exit Report: Thursday, February 27, 1:00pm TBA

Accreditation is the primary process by which colleges and universities in the U.S. assure and improve educational quality. Accreditation provides assurance to students that the educational activities of a college have been found to meet Accreditation Standards and are satisfactory. A college’s accredited status assures to students easier transfer of earned academic credits, the opportunity to receive federal financial aid, and greater acceptance of students’ credits, certificates and degrees by employers, licensing agencies, and other colleges. 

The ACCJC utilizes a peer review process on a six-year cycle to assure and improve educational quality. Peers from other colleges in the region form a Site Visit Team to evaluate our college based on the Accreditation Standards, Eligibility Requirements and Commission policies. During the visit, the team will meet with employees, review evidence as part of the college’s Self Evaluation report, and write a team report with recommendations to the ACCJC regarding the college’s accredited status.