Comittee Membership 2008

CerritosCollegeAccreditation (March 2008)

Self Study (2006-2007)

Steering Committee/Team Leaders/Co Chairs


Steering Committee

  • Bill Farmer, Vice President, Academic Affairs/Assistant Superintendent
  • Bob Livingston, Faculty/co-chair, Assistant Professor, Business Administration
  • Linda Rose, Administrator/co-chair


Standard I: Institutional Mission and Effectiveness

Team Leaders:

  • Lynn Serwin, Assistant Professor, English
  • Nathan Durdella, Director, Research and Planning

Subcommittee Members: Jackie Morales, Mark Fronke

Standard II: Student Learning Programs and Services

Team Leaders:
Stephen Johnson, Vice President, Student Services/Assistant Superintendent
Dr. Marijean Piorkowski, Professor, Physical Therapist Assistant
A.    Instructional Programs
Dr. Carrie Gleckner, Assistant Professor, Health, Fitness/Wellness
Dr. Connie Mayfield, Instructional Dean, Fine Arts/Communications

Subcommittee Members: Hal Malkin, Rich Cameron, Leslie Nishimura, Ken Matsuura, Pam Chambers, Mark Shimazu (S)

B.    Student Support Services
Renee Chomiak, Dean, Counseling Services
Dr. Georgina Guy, Instructor, EOPS Financial Aid Counselor
Subcommittee Members:   Maria Boyol, Ben Pendleton, Terrie Lopez,Chris Sugiyama, Yvette Tafoya,
Monica Lopez, William Lotsteitch (S)
 C.   Library and Learning Support Services
M. L. Bettino, Administrative Dean, Technology Training and Distance Education
Patty George, Instructor, Mathematics
Subcommittee Members:  Cynthia Alexander, Lorraine Gersitz,Lydia Alvarez, Suzanne Crawford,Michelle Rodriguez
Standard III: Resources
Team Leaders:
Jo Ann Higdon, Vice President of Business Services
Steve Berklite, Professor, Automotive Technology
A.    Human Resources
Dan O’Rourke, Director, Human Resources
Adriana Flores-Church, Assistant Director, Human Resources
Sue Parsons, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Subcommittee members:  Francine DeFrance, Adolph Johnson, Ni Bueno, David Young, Cheryl Thury,
Debbie Thomas, Cynthia Convey, Judy Del Real (S)
B.      Physical Resources
Roger Ernest, Instructor, English
Robert Riffle, Director, Physical Plant
Subcommittee Members:  David Young, Marla Burns, Danielle Carney,Tom Richey, Arcadio Avila, Luz Ocampo, Bryan Leighliter, E. C. Jones, MikeVillalobos, Patty McKinley
 C.   Technology Resources
Lee Krichmar, Director, Information Technology
Dr. Bryan Reece, Associate Professor, Political Science
Subcommittee Members:  Patrick O’Donnell, M. L. Bettino, Angela Hoppe-Nagao, Bernice Watson, Monica Morse (S), Evelyn Ryozaki
 D.   Financial Resources
Debra Moore, Associate Professor, Librarian
Lola Rizkallah, Director, Fiscal Services
Subcommittee Members:  Gayle Kline, Suzie Payne, Debbie Schmidt, Monica Castro, Kim Applebury, Ana Torres-Bower, Jessica Zaldivar (S)
Standard IV: Leadership and Governance
Team Leaders:     
Jenine Nolan, Instructional Dean, Health Occupations Division
Bob Livingston, Faculty, Assistant Professor, Business Administration
Subcommittee Members:   Norm Fujimoto (2005-2006), Jan Senf, Dan Smith, Lynn Laughon, Joe Cobarrubio (S), Alex Armendariz (S)(2005-2006), Craig Breit