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Cerritos College Condemns ICE Policy to Ban International Students Enrolled Online

Despite record COVID-19 cases, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced that international students who are enrolled in online-only courses for the fall 2020 semester would be required to transfer to institutions that provide hybrid or in-person courses. Students could face deportation if they do not comply. Cerritos College will offer most of its fall 2020 classes in an online learning environment. 

ICE’s guidance would affect Cerritos College international students from more than 20 countries who legally attend the College on a student visa. 

Cerritos College’s mission is to provide its diverse student population with high-quality, comprehensive instructional programs and support services through clear, equity-minded pathways to their educational goals. In doing so, the College seeks to develop culturally competent students with the knowledge, skills, and values that prepare them to be productive members of their local and global communities.

“Cerritos College is a global community that recognizes the tremendous value, culture, and contributions that our international students bring to our campus. We do not support ICE’s action to force international students into potentially unsafe campus environments, amid the rise in national COVID-19 infections. International students should be allowed to remain in online-only courses as the safest way to complete their educational goals,” said Dr. Jose Fierro, President/Superintendent, Cerritos College.

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Last Update: 7/14/2020