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Cerritos College to Redistrict Trustee Voting Areas

The Cerritos Community College District is redrawing its seven-trustee voting areas. The District is required to readjust its election boundaries every 10 years based on new census data. The current trustee areas were adopted in December 2011.

The California Fair Maps Act of 2019 requires California cities and counties to follow additional redistricting criteria, including: 1) transparency, 2) not using incumbent or candidate residence as a community of interest, and 3), not drawing districts to advantage a political party. Although special districts such as community colleges are not required to follow the additional criteria, Cerritos College is incorporating the criteria as a best practice.

The District is considering three draft map options and invites residents to participate in public hearings beginning January 2022. In February 2022, the Board of Trustees will adopt its final trustee area maps.


December 15                 Overview of Redistricting Process

January 12                      1st Public Hearing and Discussion of Draft Maps (Study Session)

January 19                      2nd Public Hearing on Draft Maps

February 9 *                    Consideration of Vote on Revised Trustee Areas (Study Session)

February 16                     Consideration of Vote on Revised Trustee Areas (if needed) 

February 28                     Deadline to adopt map


More information about redistricting is available on the District website at For more information on the public hearing, please contact the President’s Office at or (562) 860-2451 ext. 2204. 

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