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Dr. C. Chace Tydell
Science, Engineering & Math - Department of Biology
Spring 2019 Office Hours - Mon 11a to 1p, Tues 11a to noon, Wed 11a to 1p or by appointment
Office - S115
Phone 562-860-2451 ext. 2684
Best way to contact Dr Tydell is by email at: ctydell@cerritos.edu

As you plan to transfer to your 4-year school, do you ever wonder “How can I be sure I’m prepared for the next step?  How can I set myself up to excel after I transfer?” 

Our Advanced Biology Seminars may be the answer. click Advanced biology seminars in the menu to the left.

Students who are selected to participate will meet Fridays for one hour (at 10am or noon) to discuss biological concepts from a research science point of view.


Below is an email for requesting a letter of recommendation from ANY faculty member. This email has been approved by the Chemistry and Biology faculty. Just fill in the blanks!

Dear (name of professor),
    My name is (your name). I was your student in (name of the class) in (term and year you took the course). I am applying for (name of program or scholarship) and need 3 letters of recommendation. I learned so much in your (name of course) class, Professor (name). I remember  (pleasant and specific memory of the professor's class).  Do you feel you know me well enough to write a good letter of recommendation? The _____ committee (be specific about whether you need a paper letter in anenvelope or if it is electronically submitted and how) and the letter would be due by (due date of letter).
    If you are willing to write a letter for me, Professor (name), I would like to drop by my unofficial transcript and the essay I am using for the application. I respect that your schedule may not allow you to write for me.
    Thank you for your time!   (your name here)


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