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Educational Technology Certificate Requirements

Instructional Multi-Media Certificate Requirements

EDT 30 Fundamentals of Instructional Multi-Media Production(2 units)

The Fundamentals of Instructional Multi-Media Production course focuses on the multi-media skills needed to work within today’s educational environments. The course provides a foundation in the use of multimedia production equipment, computer software applications, and other resources to support educators and educational programs.

EDT 50 Preparation for Online Learning(1 unit)

This course teaches students the skills necessary to successfully complete an online class. Topics include study skills, time management, online student profiles, introduction to the Internet and the World Wide Web and information literacy, using email as well as other online services, netiquette, copyright and plagiarism, and basic aspects of word processing as it relates to creating and saving basic documents that can be attached to emails or uploaded to a learning management system.

EDT 77 Using Mind-Mapping Tools in Education (2 units)

This course is intended to teach educators the basics of mind-mapping software, such as Inspiration, an “idea-mapping” and outlining software tool, in an educational setting. Students will create presentation diagrams and outlines to build and reinforce ideas. Students will learn to link presentations directly to the World Wide Web. Using the Internet and other resources, students will create lesson plans to incorporate into their curricula. The nature of this course requires adequate vision to create and critique visual presentations that are designed for visual appeal and effectiveness. All students must be able to perform these activities with or without reasonable accommodations. This course is not open to students with credit in EDT 67.

EDT 101 Creating Curriculum Projects Using the Internet (1 unit)

Prerequisite: EDT 100 or equivalent with a grade of Pass or “C” or higher. Recommendation: EDT 50 or EDT 51 or equivalent with a grade of “C” or higher.

This course is for educators who wish to learn about the Internet through innovative curriculum projects. Participants will use fundamental Internet search methods and web sites for research to create an Internet-based project supporting projector problem-based learning. Other topics include impact of technology on education; project evaluation; past, current, and future technology trends; and copyright issues. Transfer Credit: CSU

EDT 107 Desktop Publishing for Educators(1 unit)

Recommendation: EDT 50 or EDT 51 or equivalent with grade of “C” or higher.
This course provides an introduction to the functions of desktop publishing software with an emphasis on the educational community. Topics include creating camera-ready printed presentation materials and developing presentation materials such as letterhead stationery, signs and flyers, newsletters, and a personal portfolio. Other topics include impact of technology on education; past, current, and future technology trends; and copyright issues. Transfer Credit: CSU

EDT 110 Introduction to Educational Technology (2 units)

Introduction to Educational Technology is designed to prepare future teachers with the understanding of how to utilize computers in the educational environment. Participants will learn basic computer terminology, fundamental Internet tools, basic word processing, the use of electronic spreadsheets and use of database management systems. A supportive learning community will be provided where future educators will learn skills in creating effective learning resources using suitable technologies.
Transfer Credit: CSU

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