Andrea Bersaglieri

FAR Bazaar Project


Description: The kitchen is a metaphor for a place of creation and it is the utilitarian production center of a home. It is where we prepare our meals and often serves as a meeting place for discussion or celebration.
Working in the kitchen is symbolic of my roll as adjunct faculty at Cerritos College and elsewhere. Although the term adjunct literally means “supplementary rather than an essential” I believe we are often the work horses of college education doing the foundational rearing of future (art) students.

I will use this kitchen as a space to make food and artwork that reference the suburban home and garden, using the space to bring into focus the connection between my roll as adjunct faculty and how that may mirror the roll of the domestic caretaker/mom/nanny.

Kitchens are often a magnet for social gathering and in keeping with the F.A.R. Foundation’s stated mission I hope this nurturing environment will foster dialogue and interaction between myself, as an artist working outside the traditional gallery circuit, and the public, while challenging the perceived disparities between domestic nurturing, teaching and art making.

To challenge the notion of art as commodity and to highlight to the relationship between creating (creator) and consuming (consumer), I will be giving away the food and artwork made in the space during the exhibition.

Location: FA64E


Andrea Bersaglieri was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area and came to Southern California to attend California State University, Long Beach where she earned a MFA in Drawing and Painting in 1991. She has lived, worked and studied in Florence, Rome, and Philadelphia pursuing an interest in art history and classical drawing techniques.

Andrea teaches Drawing and Painting at Cerritos College and California State University, Long Beach. Her most recent work deals with our earnest, often misguided attempt to encourage, yet control nature in suburban Los Angeles. Her work has been exhibited locally, nationally and internationally.