On Board: Works by Emeritus Leaders of FAR

ON BOARD: Works by the Emeritus Leaders of the Foundation for Art Resources

January 28 - March 10, 2017
Opening Reception: Saturday, January 28, 2017 @ 6-8PM

For forty years, the Foundation for Art Resources has been one of the most important non-profit arts advocacy groups in Southern California. Throughout that time, FAR helped to produce significant alternative art events; from the early experimental programming of the late 1970s to the monthly Art Talk Art lecture series of the 1980s to the massive FAR Bazaars of the 1990s, FAR has long been blazing trails for today’s LA art community.

One of the reasons FAR has managed to remain so vital is its innovative, nomatic structure. Functioning without a permanent exhibition space, office, or paid staff, FAR's programs and services are organized and administered by an all-volunteer board of directors, who generally serve two-three year terms before passing their duties on to the next cohort. These boards have historically been comprised of artists, arts professionals, and those with a vested interest to serve the organization. The board of directors has been responsible for all aspects of FAR's programming, policymaking, fundraising, grant writing, and administration. There is no director, and all decisions are determined by consensus.

ON BOARD, an exhibition opening at the newly relocated Cerritos College Art Gallery, and occurring simultaneously with the massive FAR Bazaar in the soon-to-be-demolished old Fine Arts building on campus, brings together, for the first time, a large number of former board members from the last four decades, highlighting the range of amazing talent that have helped to direct this important arts advocacy group throughout its long life. In the forty years of FAR's existence, over 100 artists have served on the board. Not surprisingly, many of them have gone on to successful art practices and important pedegogical roles. Amongst the former FAR leaders are the curent chair of Art Practice at UC Berkeley, the Provost of Art Center, and professors from nearly every regional university and art school in Southern California and beyond.

Annabelle Aylmer
Lynne Berman
Cindy Bernard
Linda Besemer
Fred (Farid) Beshid
Michael Blasi
Karen Bonfigli
Camilla Brannstrom
Anne Bray
Nancy Buchanan
Jeff Chabot
Hollis Cooper
Dorit Cypis
Cletus Dalglish-Schommer
Allan De Souza
Dana Duff
Victor Estrada
Nancy Evans
Fred Fehlau
Jonathan Fidler
Consuelo Flores
Pat Gomez
Steve Hampton
Jessica Irish
Annetta Kapon
Tran T. Kim-Trang
Haven Lin-Kirk
Ken Marchionno
Karl Mihail
Ami Motevalli
Christian Mounger
Kori Newkirk
John David O’Brien
Franklin Odel
Sheila Pinkel
Eli Pulsinelli
Annie Reiniger
Karen Reitzel
Gustavo Rincon
Karen Schwenkmeyer
Roman Stollenwerk
Stuart Swezey
Paul Tzanetopoulos
Carrie Ungerman
Cynthia Vargas
Grant Vetter
Holly Wilder
Jody Zellen