Steven Portigal

FAR Bazaar Project


Description: After years of working in ceramics, a very carbon-intensive art form,  these sculptures represent a different approach out of concern for the environment. These new forms are made in a way that uses as little carbon as possible. Almost all of the carbon in these forms was emitted many years ago. 

Location: FA32A


Steven Portigal received his BA from California State University, Northridge and his MFA in Ceramics at UCLA. An artist and educator whose creative endeavors in the studio and professorial career have been intertwined with ceramics and sculpture for more than three decades, Mr. Portigal has held the position of Professor of Ceramics and Three-dimensional Design at Cerritos College for more than twenty-five years, serving as the chair of the Art and Design department from 2000-2008. In addition to teaching, Mr. Portigal has an extensive national exhibition record. For information about Mr. Portigal, please visit his website at: or on Instagram.