Tracey Weiss

FAR Bazaar Project



“Carousel” is a whimsical and nostalgic look at the outdated medium of 35mm slides. While slides left the mainstream in the late 1970s as every household’s record of their summer vacation, slide film had an extended life in the art world and academia. Artists’ portfolios were captured in slides well into the late 1990’s and even into the 21st century for some. Since the digital film has taken over, slide portfolios and slide libraries have been collecting dust in artist studios and educational institutions everywhere. With “Carousel”, viewers are invited to view these miniature, framed images as objects unto themselves, clinging to one another to take on the physicality of sculpture along with the recorded imagery of photography.

Location: FA45


Tracey Weiss is a Long Beach based artist who creates sculpture from ceramics as well as found objects. She has a BFA from San Jose State University and an MFA from California State University, Los Angeles. Her work has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions at venues such as the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Brand Library Gallery in Glendale, and the Torrance Art Museum. She currently teaches ceramics at Cerritos College and the Torrance Cultural Arts Center.