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Faculty Hiring Prioritization Procedures

  1. During the Spring semester before the hiring cycle, department chairs are asked to indicate if they are going to request a full-time faculty position (the need for the position must be identified in the unit plan). Chairs provide the following information:
    1. How many positions are being requested.
    2. The number of full-time faculty in the department during the Fall hiring cycle (we ask in Spring 2022 how many FT faculty will be in the department in Fall 2022).
    3. Is the position a replacement or growth position? (it is a replacement position if a faculty member left the college in the five years prior to the hiring cycle)
    4. Which courses should be used for the unit count for the department. (cross-listed courses are only counted for the originating department)

*Replacement requests from the departments identified by the college as having external accreditation are forwarded to the Executive Council to determine whether their accreditation requires hiring a full-time faculty member. If a position is required by accreditation, the position moves to the top of the ranked list.  If not, the relative need is calculated in the usual way.

  1. Spring - lists of courses provided by department chairs are forwarded to IERP.
  1. Summer - IERP calculates the total number of units for each department/discipline based on the Teaching Assignment table for the prior fall semester (for a Fall 2022 hiring cycle, Fall, 2021 units are counted). 
    1. For Counseling, EOPS, and SAS, IERP provides the headcount of students served by those programs during the prior Fall semester.
    2. For a librarian position, the number of FTEs is provided.
  1. Fall - the FHP chairs forward the unit counts to department chairs for review.
  1. Fall - the department chairs requesting positions are asked to provide answers to two supplemental questions about the need for a full-time faculty position.
  1. Fall – the voting members of the FHP committee score the supplemental questions.
  1. Fall – the FHP chairs use the FHP formula to calculate the relative need of the departments requesting positions.  The average score from the supplemental questions is added to the relative need score for the final ranking.
  1. The FHP committee reviews the rankings and affirms the FHP process was followed.
  1. The ranked list of positions is sent to the Executive Council for action and to the Faculty Senate and the Planning & Budget Committee for information.
  1. The Executive Council makes the final decision on which positions will be hired.  If the Executive Council decides to make a change to the FHP rankings, the Executive Council will provide its reasoning in writing to the FHP committee.  The Executive Council makes the final decision.

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