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Faculty Hiring Prioritization

The Faculty Hiring Prioritization (FHP) Committee oversees the faculty hiring process to ensure it is discharged in a fair and equitable manner. The committee will review requests for new and/or vacated faculty positions and recommend for action to the Executive Council allocation and priorities for new faculty hires.

FHP is a key process aimed at strengthening our college, engaging community needs, and fostering student success. Because prioritization cannot be reduced to one rubric, the process is multifaceted. It requires the use of collaborative decision-making as well as qualitative and quantitative data from program review, legal mandates, accreditation, and student education goals from various groups across transfer, career technical, and student development areas. This process relies on collegial consultation between the administration and the faculty senate.

Request Forms:
Instructional FHP Request
Library FHP Request
Adult Education FHP Request
Counseling FHP Request
DSPS FHP Request

Additional Documents:
FHP Supplemental Questions
75/25 Calculation Worksheet


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