Government Relations


The goal of the Office of Government Relations is to keep policymakers informed of issues impacting higher education and the community college system, and to work with elected officials and agencies to develop policies and secure funding to elevate, progress, and protect the district, the staff and faculty, and most importantly, the students of Cerritos College. 

Did you know that the Cerritos Community College District is represented by four US Representatives, three State Senators, and three State Assemblymembers? Keeping them informed—along with each of our representatives on 12 local city councils, five K-12 districts, the Board of Supervisors, and two US Senate offices—is truly a team effort that extends across campus.  

Legislative Priorities 

Cerritos College currently focuses all advocacy efforts within three overarching areas: 

  1. Policies and programs that help move students through their education in less time;
  2. Equity in Success, Access, and Support; and  
  3. Support for sustainability measures and initiatives. 

For more information, please contact Andrea Wittig at