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Are you sure you are aware of all of the tools and resources available at Cerritos College to help you on the path to academic excellence? These questions will help you link up to college resources.

Instructors: Have students form groups of 3 or 4. Have them introduce themselves to each other and spend 10 minutes answering the questions below together. The class will come together to share their results. (20 minutes)

You may also wish to have students answer the following questions prior to the next class. They can write responses to each of the six questions individually; or can create expert groups, in which each group of 3-5 students focuses exclusively on one of the five questions below. Expert groups can share their research and responses to each question in class.

D1 Today is your first day at Cerritos College. Where do you start?

D2 Where would you go to learn about specific academic disciplines, career opportunities, professional career technical programs, or going to a four-year university?

D3 If you are having trouble in your courses, where would you go to seek help?

D4 Where do you go to find information about a specific academic program or club?

D5 In your experience, what programs or services do you recommend to incoming students, and why?


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