The History of iFalcon

The iFALCON campaign began in the Cerritos College Faculty Senate, then lead by Dr. Bryan Reece as Senate president, in 2008. Dr. Reece surveyed college faculty, staff, and students regarding student success and campus needs and priorities, and from those surveys began to develop the concept of a college-wide campaign to promote academic success. Students were intimately involved in the development of the campaign through focus groups, and the ASCC, under the leadership of Michael Barrita, was integral in molding the initial concept of the offering. Dr. Francie Quaas-Berryman, the college's newly appointed Developmental Education Coordinator, assisted and guided the process early on.

 studying in the library

In fall 2008, chemistry professor Cheryl Shimazu became the first iFALCON coordinator, and in spring 2009 Dr. Steve Clifford joined the team to develop content and videos for the new iFALCON website. With grant writer Laurie Kristinat, Cheryl and Steve applied for a Federal Title V grant that fall; the college received word in September 2009 that the five-year grant to support and develop the iFALCON program had been approved. The Title V grant will run through September 2014 and focuses on integrating the iFALCON academic success skills in four areas of campus life:

Activity I: web-based and traditional student engagement, including counseling and orientations
Activity II: faculty and staff professional development
Activity III: developmental education
Activity IV: campus outreach

For the philosophy behind iFALCON and the needs faced by Cerritos College students, read the iFALCON White Paper.

2009 iFALCON Title V Leadership Team:

Steve Clifford, iFALCON co-coordinator
Lynn Serwin, iFALCON co-coordinator
Francie Quaas-Berryman, Developmental Education Coordinator
Bryan Reece, Dean, Academic Success and Institutional Effectiveness
Blaire DiGiovanni, Success Center Study Skills Specialist
Manuel Lopez, Success Center Math Specialist
Evelyn Ryozaki and Marvelina Barcelo, iFALCON Counseling Coordinators
Debra Moore, Faculty Senate President
Kristen Towhid, iFALCON Program Assistant II
Sarah Ramirez, Media Specialist
Cheryl Shimazu (on sabbatical 2009-2010; the original "falconer")