Our Future: iFalcon 3.0

iFALCON 3.0 features a three-tier plan to revitalize Student Engagement which includes a rebranding campaign, high school outreach, and a renovated Habits of Mind Workshops, which we will also offer as online modules.

student holding a textbook

Rebranding: “Get into the Habit”

We are looking to establish a larger presence in and beyond the Cerritos College campus. Within the campus, we will feature updated banner images along with a new slogan that invites students and faculty both to “Get into the Habit”. But we won’t stop there. We want to get students, faculty, administrators, and the entire campus family connected with the lifestyle of iFALCON. Apparel (notebooks, pens, pencils, tee shirts, sweat shirts, backpacks, hats, beanies, etc) iFALCON Merchandising well even give members in the community surrounding Cerritos College an opportunity to get into the habit!      

 “Meet Me Halfway”: K-16 Bridge

In this third stage of the iFALCON evolution, we find it not only necessary but also our responsibility to reach out and meet the students that we receive from local high schools surrounding Cerritos College half way. That is, to meet them before they arrive at College. Our Purpose is to promote college readiness and preparation among high school students prior to college acceptance through intra or post curricular workshops. Our goals are three-fold:

  1. Introduce Habits of Mind to students and faculty
  2. Offer Habits of Mind workshops
  3. Assess student progress and college readiness

“Habits of Mind” Workshops Online/Success Center

The Habits of Mind (HOM) workshops series offers a new approach for students to develop college and career readiness. Students learn and develop skills More importantly, HOM offers personalized instruction that builds better learners with effective learning strategies and powerful academic skills and habits -- Educational Goal setting, Note taking, Strategic reading, Collaboration, Social skills, Self-management, Time management, Cross-cultural Awareness. HOM workshops help students to develop the kind of everyday skills they will use throughout their lives for success in school, college and the workplace.

For those students who commute, work, or have parental care responsibilities attending success center workshops is difficult. To meet the needs of these students and more, the HOM workshop will now be available through online module using a Personalized Learning System. A Personalized Learning System (PLS) assesses each learner’s strengths in the Habits of Mind & uses that assessment to build a personalized course of instruction to reinforce knowledge & skills—skills such as focus, advance, link-up, comprehend, organize, and new ideas.

Once students complete the HOM Course, they become eligible for the HOM stamps, which certifies and provides a lifelong record that the student has learned how to exercise each of the 6 Habits of Mind.