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View the video “Shift Happens” on YouTube at the following address:

Then consider the answers to one or more of the following questions.

Instructors: This is a perfect opportunity for peer groups of 3 or 4 students to answer one of the questions (with each group taking a different question) and, following discussion, to share them with the class. The class can then draw connections to the specific focus of your discipline and lesson. It’s also a good place to begin ideas for an essay or other writing assignment, whether reflective or research-based (Is all information accurate? What is the more specific information available about any single idea in the video, and what are its implications for the culture/nation/global community?).

D1 How does the video address the problem of cultural or national perspective?

D2 How does the video begin to define the concept of “globalism”?

D3 What does the video tell us about education and preparation for careers?

D4 What does the video suggest about your career goals and your future in the workplace?

D5 How have our lives been changed by technology?

D6 Why is it important to be technologically savvy?

D7 What does the video communicate about us as human beings?

D8 What do we have to celebrate?

D9 What should we be worried about?


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