Mental Health Worker Program

An alum's experience in the Mental Health Worker Program:
A student's experience in the Mental Health Worker Program:

The Cerritos College Mental Health Worker program is the first of its kind in the state of California.  This program will train students to help a mentally ill individual with tasks such as gaining employment, finding housing, using community resources, becoming financial competent, and other activities that promote an independent life-style for the mentally ill.

The training offered for the Certificate and AA degree at Cerritos College is comprehensive and intensive.  Students will learn the basics of Psychology, the foundations of Mental Illness (Abnormal Psychology), the concept of rehabilitation and recovery, how to help the mentally ill, and how to create a cooperative relationship with mentally ill individuals.  Finally, students will be given the opportunity to practice the knowledge and skills that they have gained from classroom instruction, in a community mental health environment as a part of our Field Experience class.

Cerritos College currently offers three pathways to an education in Psychology:

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