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Math Learning Center (MLC) Math 40

Math 40 : Pre-Algebra

Units: 4

Prerequisite: MATH 20 or equivalent with a grade of “C” or higher or “Pass” or completion of the Math assessment/placement process with a score eligible for MATH 40.

This course serves as a bridge from arithmetic to formal algebra.

Topics include a study of real numbers, an introduction to fundamental algebraic concepts and their applications,

proportional reasoning, informal geometry, measurement,and an introduction to the Cartesian coordinate system.

Textbook: Prealgebra: Cerritos College OER (Free download available on this website.)

Author: Lora Campeau and Dara Worrel

Material covered in the textbook:

Chapter   1 : Whole Numbers

Chapter   2 : Integers

Chapter   3 : The Fundamentals of Algebra

Chapter   4 : Fractions

Chapter   5 : Decimals

Chapter   6 : Ratios and Proportions

Chapter   7 : Percents

Chapter   8 : Graphing

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