Committee on Professional Relations


The purposes of the Professional Relations Committee are:

  • Identifies, coordinates, and rewards faculty excellence via such programs as The Outstanding Faculty Awards ceremony
  • Recommends criteria, policies, and procedures for academic rank
  • Recommends policies and procedures governing academic freedom
  • Develops and recommends policies and procedures governing the ethical behavior of faculty
  • Implements the college's procedures for the review of Faculty Service Areas
  • Monitors trends and practices on issues within the committee's scope and communicates them to the college

Meeting Information 

Committee meetings are scheduled from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. on the third Tuesday of the month during fall and spring semesters.

*Committee meetings will be held on Zoom until further notice.

2023-2024 Committee Membership

The current chair of the Professional Relations Committee is Chad Greene. For more information about the committee, please contact Professor Greene at

Name Role Constituency Year
Chad Greene Committee Chairperson   25-26
Peter Moloney Faculty Representative Business Education 25-26
Berenice Gallardo Faculty Representative Counseling 24-25
Robert Campolo Faculty Representative Fine Arts and Communications 25-26
Lydia Cosio Faculty Representative Health Occupations 23-24
Veronica Sanchez Faculty Representative Humanities and Social Sciences 23-24
Kari Hemmerling Faculty Representative Kinesiology 25-26
Michelle Fagundes Faculty Representative Liberal Arts 24-25
Paula Pereira Faculty Representative Library 23-24
Phuong Nguyen Faculty Representative Science, Engineering, and Math 25-26
Dahlene W. Holliness Faculty Representative Student Accessibility Services 23-24
Rossi Petrova Faculty Representative Technology 25-26
Sherryl Carter ACCME Representative Manager, Adult Ed. Programs 23-24
Pamela Sepulveda ACCME Representative Case Manager, Falcon's Nest 24-25
Sarah Pirtle CSEA Representative Classified Staff 23-24
Fatima Oregon ASCC Representative Student  23-24