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Reading Courses



Reading 42 Reading Access College Course Description

This course is designed to help culturally diverse students make the transition from non-credit courses into college-credit programs. It is open to non-readers and limited readers, both native and immigrants. Visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic instructions are included. Phonics, vocabulary, reading, and writing skills are stressed.
Recommendation: Completion of the Reading Placement Process.


Reading 43 Introduction to College Reading Description and SLO's

This course is designed for students who wish to improve basic reading skills for success in college-level courses. Coursework includes work on fundamental word analysis skills and fundamental comprehension skills. Since this course is approved for distance education those students may complete their lab work online. At the successful completion of Reading 43 students will be able to do the following:

Use structural analysis to decode the pronunciation of a word.
Use context clues to understand the meaning of intermediate vocabulary.
Identify the expressed and implied topic and the main idea of a paragraph.
Identify the major and minor supporting details of a paragraph.
Recognize the signal words and patterns of organizations of a paragraph.
Identify inferences and draw a conclusion.


Reading 44 Effect/Study Methods for College Course Description

The student will become aware of and experience proven learning techniques ensuring improved comprehension and retention of information from college lectures and textbooks. Skills to be emphasized include: study time management, methods for reading textbooks efficiently, note-taking techniques, understanding textbook assignments, preparation for examinations, test-taking techniques, effective listening techniques, guidelines for vocabulary development, memory techniques, the preparation of research papers and library skills. Study skills surveys will be used to help students identify and improve upon their personal study skills habits and their individual mode of learning.


Reading 54 Advanced College Reading Course Description and SLO's

This course is designed to improve literal, interpretive, critical comprehension, and vocabulary skills. Emphasis will be on structured vocabulary development and college-level reading skills.At the successful completion of Reading 54, students will be able to do the following:

Use advanced level context clues to learn meanings of advanced vocabulary.
Identify the elements in a main idea and supporting details in readings from various disciplines.
Recognize the central point of multiple paragraph reading selections.
Identify types of relationships between sentences in paragraphs.
Use critical reading strategy to distinguish between fact/opinion, inference, purpose/tone, and argument of multiple paragraph reading selections


Reading 100 Speed Reading Course Description Methods and Application

This course is designed to increase reading speed and comprehension in college-level material. Emphasis is placed on developing an improved reading method through learning rapid reading techniques, gaining flexibility in adjusting reading speed to suit purpose for reading and difficulty of the material, overcoming habits of regression and subvocalization, recognizing and using basic writing structures and literary elements as aids to comprehension in depth, and mastering speed study techniques and speed research techniques. All methods and techniques are applied to various types of college-level reading materials.
Transfer Credit: CSU

Reading 200 Analysis and Critical Reading Course Description

This course focuses on the development and application of reading skills in the interpretation, analysis, criticism, and advocacy of ideas encountered in academic readings across the curriculum and Internet media sources.
Transfer Credit: CSU

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