Liberal Arts Division

The Liberal Arts Division mission ignites student curiosity and imagination by empowering students to know themselves and by fostering communication and critical thinking necessary for academic, personal, and professional success.

The Division of Liberal Arts, under five different departments, offers over 300 sections of courses and labs each semester in the following areas:

The faculty in Liberal Arts strive to provide both a curriculum and a teaching environment which foster student growth in use and understanding of language, in critical thinking, and in oral and written communication skills. Respect and appreciation for cultural and linguistic diversity underlie the instructional philosophy of Liberal Arts.

The Liberal Arts curricula include a full range of courses, from remedial to transfer level.

In addition to classroom instruction, Liberal Arts works collaborative with the Student Success Center, located in the Library/Learning Resource Center, second floor, LC-209.

The Student Success Center provides workshops, tutoring, directed learning activities (DLA's) and instructional support for both developmental and skill-building courses.

The Liberal Arts Division encourages students to become lifelong learners who are aware of their significant roles as contributors to a productive, humane, and compassionate society.

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