Digital Learning Committee (Formally Technology Based Learning)

The Digital Learning Committee

  • Recommends policies and procedures on distance learning
  • Develops and recommends the specifications for electronic classrooms
  • Develops and recommends the specifications for professional development for
    participation in technology-based learning
  • Develops and recommends the specifications for course/learning management
  • Monitors trends and practices on issues within the committee’s scope and
    communicates them to the college

Meeting Time and Place

  • 1st Thursday at 11 am in CTX Conference Room during the academic year.  The committee does not meet during campus holidays.

Committee Members

  • Janet Mitchell-Lambert, Liberal Arts - CHAIR
  • Bob Livingston, Business Education
  • Berenice Manzo, Counseling
  • Lisa Vitala, Fine Arts/Communications
  • Christopher Richardson, Kinesiology
  • Jude Moreno, Health Occupations
  • Vacant, Humanities/Social Science
  • Stephanie Rosenblatt, Library
  • Ryan Goode, SEM
  • Irv Bartikovsky, Student Services
  • Johnny Nunez, Technology
  • Patrick O'Donnell, Management
  • Shawna Baskette, Dean of Academic Success
  • Monique Valencia, Classified/Confidential
  • Vacant, Associated Students

*Denotes alternate. Only one vote per division.


Quorum for the 2020-2021 academic year will be 50% + 1.