Administration of Justice Department - Mission Statement

Objectives of the Administration of Justice Program:

Welcome to the Cerritos College Administration of Justice Program!

Our primary purpose is to prepare students for careers as sworn officers in law enforcement agencies, or as parole, probation, or correctional officers. A.J. courses also supplement the curriculum of several other Cerritos College programs, such as legal assisting, paralegals, court reporting, legal secretaries, pre-law, and other related fields.

Administration of Justice courses also have significant value for students majoring in political science, journalism, psychology, education and social work, as well as anyone who simply wants a better understanding of today's headline crime stories and court cases.

About 400 Cerritos College students are majoring in Administration of Justice, with and additional 200 taking A.J. classes to meet degree requirements in other majors, or for elective university transfer credit. Whatever your educational goal, we hope you will enjoy your A.J. classes and will feel welcome in our program. Drop by the A.J. office in SS221 at any time and get acquainted.