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Mina Greas
Architecture Instructor
Email: mgreas@cerritos.edu
Phone: (562) 860-2451 Ext. 3114

Adjunct Faculty member at Cerritos since 2013, who has taught ARCH 110, ARCH 111, ARCH 112, ARCH 114, ARCH 121, ARCH 212, and ARCH 222. Mina is a California licensed Architect and received his Bachelor of Architecture from Woodbury University. His architectural experience is in residential, multifamily, commercial, retail, prefab, educational buildings, sustainability, and watershed management. He has been an essential entity in the architectural industry both in design and construction. Mina has been involved with some of the leading Architects and Engineers in Arizona, California, Louisiana, Montana, New Mexico, and Texas. In the spring of 2012, Mina's project for a sustainable, self-reliant community which focused on affordability was featured at the Architecture and Design Museum (A+D) in Los Angeles, California.

Mina is an essential individual in the non-profit sector providing urban planning for low income rural communities and is also a credentialed instructor in the State of California and has been involved in academia, teaching design and engineering. He helped the California Department of Education develop curriculum focused on Architecture, Environmental Engineering, Landscape Design, Project Based Learning, and S.T.E.M programs. In addition, he authored the first UC A-G approved Architectural Design Course for the Los Angeles Unified School District. Mina became interested in design as a child at an early age with woodworking tools his grandfather gave him to explore.

Chris Hyun
Architecture Instructor
Email: chyun@cerritos.edu
Phone: (562) 860-2451 Ext. TBD

Adjunct Faculty member at Cerritos since 2023. Chris started his architecture journey at Cerritos College and received a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Southern California, and a Master of Architecture from Yale University. He is a California licensed Architect, a LEED Accredited Professional, and a California licensed Real Estate Agent. He has worked at various architectural offices in Los Angeles and on many award winning projects; that have been widely published. He serves as an examination subcommittee member for the National Council of Architectural Boards (NCARB), where he writes and edits new items for the national Architectural Registration Exam.

Chris has excelled in art classes since he was a child. He eventually went into architecture, believing it was the highest and most sophisticated form of art. He loves to chat about architecture, particularly with his Architect wife, who he met in the Cerritos College Architecture program. He believes the practice of building the environment is one of human civilization's essential disciplines and relishes participating in the endeavor.

Tom Morales
Architecture Instructor
Email: tmorales@cerritos.edu
Phone: (562) 860-2451 Ext. 4330

Adjunct Faculty member at Cerritos from 2008 to 2012 and then from 2019 to the present. A past graduate of the Cerritos College Architecture program, Thomas has taught ARCH 111, ARCH 121, ARCH 123, ARCH 213, and ARCH 223. He has 35+ years of experience in the AEC (Architectural Engineering and Construction) industry working for Architects, Engineers, Contractors, and owners. His experience includes multi-family housing, hospitality and hotel conversions to permanent housing, commercial, fast food, health care, historical projects, industrial, retail, and restaurants. Thomas is a LEED Accredited Professional.

Thomas has always wanted to work in the architectural field ever since his parents gave him a T-Square when he was 8 years old - He still has that T-Square. Having grown up in Norwalk and attending Cerritos College, Thomas feels a kinship with today's students and enjoys sharing his work experiences with them so they can learn more than just what's in textbooks and on the internet. One of his mottos is "you learn by doing".

Daniel Paul
Architecture Instructor
Email: dpaul@cerritos.edu 
Phone: (562) 860-2451 Ext. 4321

Adjunct Faculty member at Cerritos since 2005, solely teaches ARCH 112. Daniel has received a BA in Art History from California State University at Fullerton and a MA in Art History from California State University at Northridge. Daniel is a 36 CFR Part 61 federally qualified architectural historian and has undertaken numerous historic preservation projects across the US. He has written numerous successfully listed historic landmark applications for properties that include the entirety of Griffith Park, the Capitol Records building in Hollywood, and even a ufology site named the Integratron, where its maker- George Van Tassel, believed he was given construction details from a space being.

Daniel is considered an expert in the history of recent past design and has written numerous articles upon the subject of 1970s-era Late-Modern mirror glass architecture. His master’s thesis was the one of the first histories of this design system, which was considered anonymous, generic, and ubiquitous. It is a subject upon which he has lectured widely, including in Europe in 2018. Daniel has a strong desire to have his students see and experience architecture deeper than before, showing beauty where one least expects it. This interest is a driving force in his teaching approach at Cerritos College.

Dr. Edward Rother
Architecture Instructor
Email: rother@cerritos.edu
Phone: (562) 860-2451 Ext. 2911

Former full time instructor and Department Chair at Cerritos 1989-2023. Teaches all classes though his specialties are practical application classes such as ARCH 111, ARCH 113, ARCH 122, ARCH 212, and ARCH 222; and the computer-aided design classes ARCH 123, ARCH 213, ARCH 221 and ARCH 223. Formally maintained an Architectural sole proprietorship and then consulting business which specialized in commercial and industrial projects - and a touch of residential - and has worked in the field since 1978. Dr. Rother is licensed as a California Registered Architect (40+ years), a California Real Estate Broker, and holds an N.C.A.R.B. certificate.

Dr. Rother's interest in Architecture began when he was taking a fifth grade class in wood shop. He was required to prepare a sketch of a project he was working on and discovered that he enjoyed the drawing more than the woodworking. After that it was the fast track to Architecture receiving his license at the age of 25, which is as quickly as possible. His introduction to teaching began when he was a Teaching Assistant during his graduate studies. While working with a Cerritos College student who noted that there was an opening at Cerritos College and that he would be the perfect candidate, the rest is history. Dr. Rother has received a B.S. in Architectural Studies from the University of Illinois, a Master of Architecture from the University of Illinois, a M.B.A. from California State University at Fullerton, and a Ph.D. in Education from the University of Southern California. He is a three-time recipient of an "Outstanding Faculty" Award (1994-1995, 2013-2014, and 2019-2020 Academic years) and an "Outstanding Advisor" Award for the 2009-2010 Academic year.

Holly Van
Architecture Instructor
Email: hvan@cerritos.edu 
Phone: (562) 860-2451 Ext. 4883

Adjunct Faculty member at Cerritos since 2012 primarily teaches introductory classes such as ARCH 110 and ARCH 111. She holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and a Masters degree in Civil Engineering from Cal State Fullerton. Since 1997 Holly has worked with a variety of companies including Anderson Architects, Cal City, CDC Architecture, HNTB corporation, and STDR Architects. She has worked on a wide variety of project types including commercial, educational, government, industrial, medical, and residential construction. In addition, Holly has worked on numerous nonprofit projects in Vietnam including the Cantho Orphanage, disability centers, and senior housing.

Holly loved to sketch as a child which eventually led her to a career in architecture. After working in the private industry she decided to focus her attention on teaching and recently decided to pursue a doctorate degree in education. She and her husband run a small contracting business and have worked on affordable housing, nonprofit centers, and senior apartments. She donates her time and money to children who live in poor countries and enjoys sharing her life experiences with students.