Placement Frequently Asked Questions

Self-Report Tool (SRT)
for Math, English/ESL, and Reading Placement

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the SRT?

The SRT is an online questionnaire which provides students with the opportunity to place into transfer-level English/ESL (English as a second language) or Math courses based on their U.S. high school records. There are two sections of the SRT: one for English/ESL and one for Math. Based on U.S. high school G.P.A. and other academic-related questions, students may be placed directly into transfer-level courses in the areas of English/ESL and Math. The SRT is used primarily by students who have completed high school within the last ten years.

What do I need to complete the Self-Report Tool (SRT)?
  1. 7-digit Cerritos ID number (must apply for semester of attendance)
  2. A copy of your high school transcripts (recommended)
  3. Personal e-mail address. Students will receive a confirmation via email of their SRT submission.
How do I complete the SRT?
  • Log into MyCerritos account.
  • Once in MyCerritos screen, scroll down to the lower right-hand corner of the screen. Will find “Placement” section.
  • Click on “English/ESL SRT” link to complete placement process for an English/ESL course placement.
  • Click on “Math SRT” link to complete placement process for math course placement.
  • Must complete both SRT processes to receive placement results.
Do I need my high school transcripts to complete the SRT?

While transcripts are not required, we strongly recommended that you have them to assist you in completing the SRT for the best placement recommendation. If you have graduated or completed high school within the last ten years, you will take the SRT.

I am a continuing/current student who wants to take SRT to get a higher placement.

If you previously received a placement based upon an assessment test, you are welcome to complete the SRT. Your placement will be based on the information you provide.

I graduated more than ten years ago. Am I eligible to complete the SRT?

Yes. Students who graduated more than ten years ago will be asked a series of questions based upon your experience, skills and confidence using English, reading and math in your work and daily life. Based upon your responses, you will receive a placement recommendation.

I did not graduate high school but I did receive my GED OR HiSET. Can I complete the SRT?

Yes. If you did not graduate high school but did obtain your GED or HiSET, you can still complete the SRT. We strongly recommend that you have your GED or HiSET scores with you to complete the SRT.

I did not graduate high school or receive a GED/high school equivalency. What are my options?

You are welcome to complete the SRT. It will branch you to the Guided Placement Tool (GPT). You will answer a set of Inventory Experience questions that will recommend a placement based on your responses.

I am not satisfied with my SRT placement recommendation. What can I do?

After completing the SRT, if you have any questions or concerns regarding your placement, we recommend you meet with an academic counselor for further advice.

I do not have transcripts because I attended school in another country. Can I complete the SRT?

Yes. If you did not graduate or obtain your credentials from a school in the U.S., you will be asked a series of questions that will give you a placement recommendation.

How long does it take the recommended placement to post to my MyCerritos account?

Your SRT recommendations will posted to your Cerritos College unofficial transcript within 1-3 business days.

I have applied to Cerritos College and received my student ID number. How soon should I complete the SRT?

To avoid registration delays, we recommend you take the SRT as soon as you receive your Cerritos College student ID number.

When can I enroll into classes after completing the SRT?

Once you complete the SRT, if you are a first-time, new to college student, you will complete an orientation (in person or online). Once your placement recommendations post and you have completed the orientation, your registration holds will be removed from your MyCerritos account. Once your registration appointment time arrives, you may then enroll in your classes.

How can I verify that my placement recommendations have posted?

Your placement will post on your unofficial transcripts. You will also find all previous placements and recommendation there.

To Access your Unofficial Transcripts:

  1. Log in to your MyCerritos account
  2. Click “view my unofficial transcripts” on the right of the screen
  3. Select report type, select “Unofficial Transcript” and click “GO.”
Do I have to complete both English/ESL and Math SRTs if I am only going to be taking math?

Yes. You must complete both SRTs (Math and English/ESL) to remove the ASM (assessment) hold from your student records.

Can I complete the SRT more than once? 

Since placement recommendations are based upon reported high school transcripts, there is no need to complete the SRT more than once. If you believe that you should be placed into a higher course level than recommended by the SRT, we encourage you to meet with an academic counselor to discuss your educational goals.

What if I have questions about my ESL course placement or about other credit ESL courses?

For questions about credit ESL courses, contact the ESL department chair: Joann Sugihara-Cheetham at