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Cerritos Auto Body Club Constitution and Bylaws

Cerritos Auto Body Club Constitution and Bylaws



We the students of the Auto Body Program at Cerritos College in order to form an organization to conduct business, promote the education of auto body technology, ensure the availability of necessary equipment and resources to promote the advancement of both the individual student and the collective auto body department of this college, do establish this constitution and assume the power as delegated to us by the Associated Students of Cerritos College.


The Auto Body Technology Department of Cerritos College is dedicated to providing technologically advanced auto body repair training with emphasis on maintaining high ethical and productive standards in the industry for students in a co-educational and multi-ethnic community.


The name of this organization shall be:  The  Cerritos Auto Body Club.


The purpose of this organization shall be:

A.   To provide for fund-raising activities in support of the auto body program at Cerritos College.

B.    To promote outside industry support for the auto body department and it's programs.

C.    To recognize and award outstanding achievement by students in the auto body program.

D.   To assist in placement of auto body students into industry related jobs.

E.    To actively seek alumni support and participation in the current auto body program at Cerritos College.


Section I     All registered members of the Cerritos College Student Body in good standing shall be eligible for membership in this organization.

Section II   The rights and privileges of active membership in this organization shall be:

A.      The right of representation in the Inter-Club Council including the right to have their designated club representative vote in the Inter-Club Council on behalf of this organization.

B.       The right to vote for individual and collective programs and ideas developed within the organization.

C.       The right to participate in the advancement of the mission of the Auto Body Technology Department and this Club.


Section 1    The club council shall be composed of a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.

Section 2    Each club council member shall serve a term of one semester (they may serve additional terms if so elected by the club membership).

Section 3    The club shall appoint one permanent representative to the Inter-Club Council from within its membership.  This representative shall have the authority to speak for and make commitments for his/her club, and said club shall be responsible to the Inter-Club Council.

Section 4    No representative to the Inter-club Council shall represent more than one member club.

Section 5    The Club Council shall approve all appointments made by the Club President by 2/3 vote.

Section 6    The Club shall keep a journal of its meetings and shall publish these records within a reasonable length of time after each meeting.

Section 7    This Club shall meet at least once a month throughout the regular college semester.

A.   Special summer meetings may be called the Club President       

B.    If 50% of the club council are not present, the actions taken  by summer meetings must be ratified at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

Section 8    The Club Council shall have the power to establish such regulations and procedures pertaining to the club as deemed necessary.

Section 9    The general club membership shall approve the constitution and by-laws by a majority vote.

Section 10  Attendance:

A.  Council members missing one regularly scheduled meeting may be put on probation.

B.  Tardiness shall be defined as coming late for leaving early.  Two tardies equal one absence.

Section 11  Probation - Council and/or club members may be placed on probation by the Club President with the approval of the Club Faculty Advisor and club council majority.

Section 12  Suspension - Council and Club members may be suspended from club and campus activities by the Club President with the approval of the Faculty Advisor to the club.

Section 13  Expulsion - The Club Council may expel a club member for infraction of the rules and regulations pertaining to the organization.       

Section 14  Individual club and council members my appeal disciplinary action to the ASCC Court.


Section 1    There shall be five (5) standing committees in this club.  These committees shall be known as:

A.  Club Store Committee

B.   Budget & Finance Committee.

C.   Steering Committee.

D.  Membership and Awards Committee.

E.   Publicity Committee.

F.   Activity Committee.

Section 2    The Club President, with the approval of the Club Council by a 2/3 vote, shall appoint club members as committee chairs to their respective committees.

Section 3    Each committee shall be composed of a committee chairman, and secretary and as many club members as required to perform the responsibilities of the committee.

Section 4    A committee secretary shall be appointed by each committee chair.

Section 5    All members of their respective committees must meet the requirements for club membership eligibility as established in the Club Code, Section V, Section 5.40  through 5.43, and shall be active members in good standing of their club.

Section 6    Each member shall have one (1) vote on its respective committee.

Section 7    Each committee chair shall represent only one committee.

Section 8    All committee advisors shall be ex-officio members of their respective committees.

Section 9    Each committee shall keep a journal of its meetings and shall publish these records within a reasonable length of time after each meeting.

Section 10  Each committee member shall assist in communications to its other committee members.

Section 11  Committees may establish by-laws that they feel necessary for the proper conduct of business within their committee.  Such by-laws must be approved by 3/4 vote of the club membership and approved by simple majority by the club council.



Section 1    The duties of the President of this club shall be as follows:

A.   Shall serve as a voting council representative.

B.    Shall preside over all related functions in the coordination and communication of committees.

C.    Shall initiate disciplinary action regarding any organizational infraction of rules and regulations to such groups, with the approval of the Advisor to the Club.

D.   Shall maintain a master calendar of all committee and organizational events.

E.    Shall supervise and assist with the formation of new club committees.

F.     Submit to the ASCC Cabinet the establishment of a club trust account.

G.   With the Advisor to the club, shall maintain an active roster of all club committees and club members, determining the legality of membership and club involvement in all club activities.

H.   Preside over all Club meetings.

I.      Shall select a secretary.

J.     Shall appoint such standing and special committees as he/she deems necessary and shall serve as ex-officio student advisor of the same.

K.    Shall consult with committee chairmen.

L.     Shall set the meeting dates and times for the club.

M.   Shall be responsible for the club bulletins, publications and the performance of the club membership in general.

N.   The President and Faculty Advisor will consider all club or organizational business pertaining to the club, or any matters of club finance, activities, or awards which represent the interests of said club or organization.

O.   Shall serve as student advisor to at least one committee (Steering Committee)         

Section 2    The duties of the Vice President shall be as follows:

A.   Shall serve as a voting council representative.

B.    In the absence of the Club President, he/she shall assume the place of the presiding officer.

C.    Shall assist in the coordination and planning of activities sponsored by the Club.

D.   Shall assist in the promotion of better communications between committees within the club and between all the clubs on campus.

E.    Shall serve as student advisor to at least one committee.

Section 3    The duties of the Treasurer shall be as follows:

A.   Shall review the financial needs of the club and the auto body department and prepare an annual operating budget to be presented to the club council for approval and/or revision.

B.    Shall adhere to ASCC policy for processing requisitions on behalf of the club.

C.    Shall strictly follow all guidelines described more fully in the Cerritos College Policies and Procedures handbook for campus clubs.  (see Cerritos College Club Guide 1994-95 page 37)

D.   Shall present the clubs financial status at any given time to council, Faculty Advisor, general assembly of club members, but most especially at monthly club meetings and council meetings give a full rendering of prior balance, disbursements with source of expenditure, deposits with sources, and ending balances.

E.    Shall alert the President of any potentially critical financial condition prior to it becoming critical.

F.     Shall maintain the club checking account balance current at all times and follow accounting practices as outlined by the District Business Office.

G.   Shall serve as the Student Advisor to at least one committee. (Budget and Finance Committee).

Section 4    The duties of the Secretary shall be as follows:

A.   The Secretary shall be responsible for the publication, filing, and distribution of each council and club meeting minutes within a reasonable length of time after each meeting.

B.    Shall handle all correspondence for the club.

C.    Shall prepare under the direction of the President, a written agenda for all council and club meetings with a follow-up chart showing assignments and responsibility lines.

H.   Shall serve as the Student Advisor to at least one committee (Publicity Committee).

Section 5    The duties of the chairman of each committee shall be as follows:

A.   Shall set any meetings necessary to conduct the business of his/her committee and shall preside at such meetings.

B.    Shall appoint a Secretary within the membership of the committee.

C.    Shall serve as a consultant to the Inter-Club Council as requested.

D.   Shall be responsible for communication and coordination within his/her committee.

E.    Shall keep all committee members informed about Inter-Club council representation at meetings as required.

F.     Shall have a vote on his/her committee.

G.   Shall recommend to the Pres., members to serve on the many committees.

Section 6    The duties of the secretary of each committee shall be as follows:

A.   The Secretary shall be responsible for the publication, filing, and distribution of each committee meeting minutes within a reasonable length of time after each meeting.

B.    Shall handle all correspondence for the committee.


Section 1    The Club Store Committee

A.   The committee will be composed of one chairman, one Vice Chairman (who is to take the place of the Chairman in his/her absence) one Cashier, one Secretary and a minimum of one club member from each class participating in the club store to act as the sales representative. 

B.    The chairman is to act as the Sales Manager for the Club Store, the Committee Cashier is to account for all transactions within the Club Store, and the Secretary is to record all actions taken by the committee.

C.    The committee is to be responsible for inventory levels, pricing of inventory, product reordering, accounting for all transactions that take place within the store, and maintain all appropriate legal requirements pertaining to State, Local and College requirements.

D.   Collection of all funds for sold items is to be made in advance of any sale, if a separate paint supply area and student sales rep. is to be used, then a receipt signed by the student sales rep., itemizing the item(s) purchased as being charged to that person's account must be carried by the purchaser to the paint cashier prior to delivery of paint product(s).

E.    And all other duties as assigned by the President.

Section 2    The Budget and Finance Committee

A.   The committee will be composed of one chairman, one secretary and a minimum of 1 club member at large.  (ideally, a minimum of 5 on each committee)

B.    The Budget and Finance Committee will be responsible for developing appropriate, legal and permitted types of fund-raising activities to accomplish the financial mission of this club.

C.    Shall be responsible for assisting the Activities Committee in implementing all fund-raising events approved by the club council and the general club membership.

D.   The student Advisor to this committee shall be the Club Treasurer.     

E.    Shall seek to obtain financial estimates or quotations for planned or anticipated expense items for the club and/or department.

F.     And all other duties as assigned by the president.

Section 3    The Steering Committee:

A.   Shall carry the responsibility of developing the course and direction that the club shall be taking, and present it to the club council and general membership for approval.

B.    Shall involve itself with related outside industry individuals and companies to ensure that the club is following industry trends where applicable.

C.    Shall be a resource to the club council for giving ideas and new possible courses for it to take.

D.   Assist in communicating the issues accepted by the club council to the general club membership in a positive light.

E.    And all other duties as assigned by the president.

Section 4    The Membership and Awards Committee:

A.   Shall promote the club and auto body department at Cerritos College with all vigor.  Shall seek to develop consistent long-term support for the department and club especially within the auto body repair shops and related vendors.  Shall develop a comprehensive membership drive each semester to ensure adequate course enrollment and involvement in department seminars, promotions etc.

B.    Shall work with other clubs on campus and seek to communicate club issues and benefits of membership to others both within and without the auto body department.

C.    Shall visit each auto body class a minimum of 2 times each semester to boost club involvement, especially with the beginning classes, showing the benefits of a strong, universally supported auto body club.

D.   Shall solicit from each class in the auto body department, nominations for the most outstanding student, covering a wide range of qualifications which the committee shall define and obtain approval from the council and general membership.  Such nominations shall be taken into consideration for specific awards to be issued prior to the semester's end at an awards ceremony.

E.    The committee will be responsible for distributing, collecting, and voting on Outstanding Club Member, and Club Member of the Year, and shall designate the type of awards which will be distributed.  (submit budget request to finance committee in advance and gain approval).

F.     If in the opinion of the president, any member of this committee has such a vested interest in any one of the nominated persons that his/her vote will be cast on a discriminatory basis, or if a nominated individual is a member of the membership/awards committee, the representative in question may be for the former reason temporarily dismissed from the committee during the vote in question.

G.   And all other duties as assigned by the president.

Section 5    The Publicity Committee:

A.   Shall adhere strictly to the Policies and Procedures Manual for campus Clubs Code Section VI in all respects.

B.    Shall prepare all advertising material and secure approval of the club council and general membership where applicable and obtain an adequate supply of copies for distribution.

C.    Shall define a communications Network to enable rapid contact of all members and/or associate members for distributing information related to the club and the auto body department.

D.   Shall be the Public Relations Committee for the auto body department and the Auto Body Department in general both on and off campus.

E.    Shall report directly to the club council on request, and to the membership in general in monthly meetings.

F.     Shall seek appropriate exposure to the school and public media with regards to special events or accomplishments within the auto body department so as to promote the objectives of the club and department in the best light.

G.   And all other duties as assigned by the president.

Section 6    The Activities Committee:

A.   Shall develop appropriate activities to accomplish the mission of the club in all aspects.

B.    Shall be the overall responsible committee for all activities, whether the activity originated within another committee or not.

C.    Shall present to the Treasurer an appropriate budget for all activities no less than two weeks prior to advertising the event.

H.   And all other duties as assigned by the president.


Robert's Rules of Order Revisedshall be the parliamentary authority for all matters of procedures not specifically covered by these laws.


An amendment to this constitution may be adopted by a 2/3 vote of the members present and voting at any regular meeting of the Club Council, provided written notices of the proposed amendment shall have been given the members at least two (2) weeks prior to the meeting.  There shall be no voting by proxy.

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