Autobody Program Information

Course Schedules and Class Information:

  • Auto Collision Repair Class Schedule - Check out scheduled classes LIVE, select AB dept, then check desired courses and follow the instructions.

  • Online Courses (Hybrid - In-class and online class activities)

  • New Course: Computerized Estimating and Shop Management systems "Online" and from HOME? Learn how in our Estimating and Management Programs (AB 83A, AB 83P, AB83U, AB 183, AB 181, AB 182, AB 285 and AB 286) Estimating through the Internet is sponsored by IT Outsource.

  • New Course:I-CAR Live courses are now added to many of our traditional Auto Collision Repair courses, giving students the opportunity of earning additional industry certification. Cerritos College Auto Collision Repair Program is now a part of the I-CAR Industry Training Alliance.  
  • Rome Technologies "Complete Shop" Training 
  • Chief Automotive Systems Training

  • Career Opportunities (Slide Show)

These presentations and videos provide visual and audio explanation of how specific repair procedures and/or business interaction with customers should take place.  If you have a specific need to receive this information in another format, please contact the instructor and they will assist you in any ways available.