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Measure CC on the November 2022 Ballot

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Frequently Asked Questions

On August 10th, the Board of Trustees unanimously voted to place Measure CC the Cerritos College

Safety, Repair, Career Training Measure on the November 8th ballot. 

Measure CC is a proposed $425 million education bond, which would cost approximately $25 per $100,000 of assessed – not market – valuation.  If enacted, Measure CC can address educational priorities identified by residents in two Cerritos College community surveys, such as preparing students for transfer to 4-year universities, providing safe drinking water, repairing deteriorating gas, electrical and sewer lines, fixing leaky roofs and improving student safety.

With the cost of attending California public universities more than six times that of community colleges, more and more local students and their families are relying on Cerritos College for affordable education. Cerritos College provides affordable training to prepare students to transfer to Cal State, UCs or private universities to complete their bachelor’s degrees.

Cerritos College also allows high school students to get a jumpstart on earning college credit by taking college courses before they even graduate. Measure CC will help Cerritos College to fulfill its vision for providing quality education while saving families money on the first few years of tuition.

Cerritos College is an affordable resource for students seeking a vocational education that provides the job training, technical knowledge and specialized skills to compete for good-paying modern careers.  Funding generated by Measure CC will allow Cerritos College to update vocational education programs, such as nursing and other medical professionals, law enforcement, software programming and engineering, so students can learn the skills they need to prepare for today’s in-demand jobs and competitive global economy.

Measure CC maintains Cerritos College’s ability to continue to function as a primary source of training for the local nurses, firefighters, police and paramedics we need in our community and Los Angeles County.

Several of the science and engineering labs at Cerritos College were built decades ago. They lack the infrastructure needed to provide a modern education in health care, science, math, technology and engineering.

Measure CC can help replace outdated electrical wiring, expand science, computer and engineering labs and update instructional technology so students can prepare competitively for a 21st century career.

Cerritos College wants to continue offering classes in person, not only online post-COVID. Measure CC is part of the College’s overall strategy to maintain and provide more in person classes.

Yes.  Measure CC includes fiscal safeguards such as public disclosure of all spending, and annual financial and performance audits. Furthermore, no money from Measure CC will go to administrators’ salaries or pensions, and all money will be spent on Cerritos College and cannot be taken by the county, state, or federal governments.

For more information on Measure CC, including official ballot measure documents, visit:

View the official bond resolutions, full text of the measure, and the Project List.

Getting More Information

If you have specific questions about the measures, contact or visit the links below for the official bond resolution, full text of the measure and the Project List.

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