Crisis Assessment, Intervention and Response


If physical safety of student or others is immediate concern, or the student acts in a highly irrational or disruptive way, call: 911 or 562-924-3618 (Cerritos College Police Department)

What is the CAIR Team?

The Crisis Assessment Intervention and Response (CAIR) Team is a multidisciplinary partnership which contributes to the health and safety of the campus education. The team consists of Cerritos College staff, and administrators that evaluate and assess distressing and disturbing behaviors exhibited by students, coordinate and develop a centralized response to provide assistance and intervention for students of concern, and evaluate and monitor the ongoing related issue(s). The CAIR Team’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

1.       to receive and review reports regarding students of concern submitted by members of the campus            community and the general public;

2.       to develop a collaborative and coordinated action or intervention plan to respond to students of                  concern and follow-up plans, when necessary;

3.       to initiate threat assessments and risk determination, when warranted;

4.       to create protocols, processes, procedures, and recommend policies to enhance the effectiveness               of the CAIR Team;

5.       to assess and monitor national trends and events that may impact the institution; and

6.       to educate the campus community about the resources available provided by the CAIR Team and                available in the broader community.

CAIR Team membership consists of a multidisciplinary partnership from across the various areas of the Cerritos College (CC) community that are trained to assess and develop intervention strategies, as well as assist individuals of concern and threatening behaviors. The team includes:

  1. Associate Dean of Student Health and Wellness Services
  2. Case Manager, Falcon Basic Needs
  3. CCPD Police Chief
  4. CCPD Police Captain
  5. College Psychologist
  6. Dean of Students Services (Chair)
  7. Dean of Student Accessibility and Wellness Services
  8. Director of Diversity, Compliance and Title IX Coordinator
  9. Faculty Coordinator of Student Conduct
  10. Vice President, Student Services

Student Behavior Report Writing Guide