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Chicano Studies

 Description of Mexican American/Chicana[o] and Latina[o] Studies: 

The Department seeks to increase understanding and appreciation of social, historical, and continuing, cultural significance of Mexican American and Latina[o] communities. The Latino population has played and played an important role in shaping our nation's history and is now the fastest growing population in the United States and will soon become the majority population in the state of California. To this end, students can enroll in classes from a variety of areas to enrich their understanding of the experiences and contributions of Mexican Americans and Latina[o]s past and present. Obtaining the Mexican American/Chicana[o] and Latina[o] Studies Associate in Arts Degree requires completion of courses from the fields of Spanish, English, and Anthropology in addition to elective courses offered by other disciplines. The program's classes and degree are transferable, enabling the student to pursue future studies offering related programs.


Chicano Studies Major 16-17 Catalog

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