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AA Degree Requirements - Communication Studies

Communication Studies Major Requirements

The Communication Studies Department at Cerritos College represents some of the most diverse and thorough course offerings at a community college in California. The department reflects its currency in the field by offering a variety of courses to satisfy different general education requirements, as well as offering courses that are reflective of trends in the field. Communication Studies is often referred to as one of the "golden four" because of its unique ability to solely satisfy a primary general education requirement, oral communication. The Communication Department helps students develop communication skills that prepare them to be productive participants in a global community.

Students must complete a minimum of 18 units from the courses listed below and all AA-T general education requirements for a total of 60 units. Double counting courses in G.E. and major requirements is permissible. Students are not required to complete any additional local requirements.

Required Core (6 units; select two courses)

  • Communication Studies 100: Introduction to Communication Studies (3 units) OR Communication Studies 120: Interpersonal Communication (3 units)
  • Communication Studies 130: Public Speaking (3 units)

List A (6 units; select two courses)

  • Communication Studies 103: Argumentation, Persuasion, and Critical Thinking (3 units)
  • Communication Studies 125: Organizational Communication (3 units)
  • Communication Studies 132: Small Group Communication (3 units)

List B (6 units)

  • Communication Studies 110: Intercultural Communication (3 units)
  • Communication Studies 115: Gender, Communication, and the Digital Revolution (3 units)
  • Communication Studies 140: Oral Interpretation of Literature (3 units)
  • Communication Studies 145: Storytelling (3 units)
  • Communication Studies 148: Readers' Theatre (3 units)
  • Communication Studies 200: Contemporary Communication Topics (3 units)
  • Communication Studies 231: Forensics Activity/Competitive Speech and Debate (1 unit)
  • Communication Studies 232: Forensics Activity/Competitive Speech and Debate (2 units)
  • Communication Studies 233: Forensics Activity/Competitive Speech and Debate (3 units)
  • Or any course from the required core or List A that has not been completed.

Associate in Arts Degree Requirements

  1. Completion of a minimum of 60 degree applicable units of college credit
  2. Minimum 2.0 ("C") grade point average
  3. Completion of all Major requirements with a minimum 2.0 ("C") grade point average. Major requirement courses may be used to satisfy G.E. requirements.
  4. To plan your 18 units, contact a full-time Communication Studies instructor or see a counselor to discuss your options.

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