Communication Studies Certificate of Achievement

certificate of achievement

By successfully completing the courses for a Certificate of Achievement in Communication Studies, students will gain breadth and depth of communication competence to significantly impact future employment and promotion. Students can satisfy up to four different general education transfer requirements (Oral Communication, Social Sciences, Humanities and Critical Thinking) as well as build practical and theoretical understanding for future Communication Studies work.

The Communication Studies certificate of achievement may be earned by students who have successfully passed four Communication Studies courses (12 units) with a grade of "C" or higher. The certificate serves to recognize students' development of communication skills. Students from any major or academic plan may earn the certificate. 

How do I apply for the Certificate of Achievement?

It's simple! After you have completed the requirements for the certificate, perform the following steps:

  1. Download the Petition for Certificate of Achievement form (pdf)
  2. Fill out the top section of the form
  3. Submit the completed form via email to Admissions and Records:

Why obtain a certificate of achievement?

  • Enhance your job skills: a certificate of achievement is a tangible accomplishment that demonstrates your communication competence to employers. 
  • Complement your major: if you are majoring in a field that values strong communication skills (e.g. nursing, computer science, business), but don't have the time to minor in communication, a certificate of achievement is a strong alternative.
  • Appears on your transcripts: this certificate is issued by Admissions and Records and will appear on your official Cerritos College transcripts.
  • General education: many Communication Studies classes satisfy general education requirements, such as oral communication, critical thinking, and social science/humanities. You can complete your G.E. requirements and earn progress towards the certificate at the same time.
  • Time to completion: at only 12 units, the certificate can be achieved within as little as one semester.

What are the requirements?

Choose any combination of courses below to complete 12 units with a grade of "C" or higher:

  • Communication Studies 60: Basics of Speech Communication
  • Communication Studies 100: Introduction to Communication Studies (3 units)
  • Communication Studies 103: Argumentation, Persuasion, and Critical Thinking (3 units)
  • Communication Studies 110: Intercultural Communication (3 units)
  • Communication Studies 115: Gender, Communication, and the Digital Revolution (3 units)
    • (Also listed as Women and Gender Studies 115)
  • Communication Studies 120: Interpersonal Communication (3 units)
  • Communication Studies 125: Organizational Communication (3 units)
  • Communication Studies 130: Public Speaking (3 units)
  • Communication Studies 132: Small Group Communication (3 units)
  • Communication Studies 140: Oral Interpretation of Literature (3 units)
  • Communication Studies 145: Storytelling (3 units)
  • Communication Studies 148: Readers' Theatre
  • Communication Studies 200: Contemporary Communication Topics (3 units)
  • Communication Studies 231, 232, 233: Forensics Activity (Competitive Speech and Debate) (1, 2, or 3 units)
    • Note: a maximum of 3 Forensics Activity units may be counted towards the certificate