Communication Studies Mentoring

A banner with various color gears above the word "mentoring."

What is the mentoring program?

The Communication Studies Mentoring program is designed to help students prepare for their Communication Studies futures. The goal of the mentoring program is to help students with questions they may have about all things Communication Studies. From deciding on the best bachelor’s program at various universities to exploring job opportunities, we work together to make a plan. The mentors are made up of faculty and Cerritos College alumni. Students can join at any time in the semester and at any time during their time at Cerritos. The program is open to Communication Studies majors and minors. Join us!

How can mentoring help me?

We help you prepare for what’s next. If it’s getting your AAT degree and diving into a career, we’ll explore that path! If you plan on transferring, we’ll look at different programs and find what interests you! If you’re not sure what you can do with a Communication Studies degree, we’ll cover that as well! If you have questions about a specific Comm class, we can talk about that too.

Who are the mentors?

This program is made up of 5 faculty mentors and 3 peer mentors. Both faculty and peers are here to help! We make up of a diverse group with different educational backgrounds and areas of expertise. Our peer mentors are here to share their transfer experience and their current university experience exploring communication studies. Below is a list of current faculty and peer mentors:

Faculty mentors

  • Brooke Hanniff (program lead)
  • April Bracamontes
  • Selene Aguirre
  • Alonzo Eldridge
  • Mel Navarro
  • Dennise Morones

Peer mentors

  • Nichole Rosales
  • Marla Valdez
  • Brianna Serrano

How can I join the mentoring program?

Joining is easy! Send an email to Brooke Hanniff and she will add you to the Communication Studies Mentoring Canvas page. Once you have access page, you’ll be able to make an appointment with one of the mentors. These appointments usually are in 30 minute time slots. You’ll also have access to a lot of resources such as campus resources and links to various Communication Studies departments at different universities.