New Temperature Screening Kiosks on Campus

Temperature KioskThe College's new temperature screening kiosks is operational beginning today, Monday, October 5. To assist the campus with the transition, Lot 7 & 2 stations will remain open until Friday, October 9 to assist students enrolled in on-campus classes. 

The kiosks are extremely easy to use, as the system confirms that you are wearing a mask while quickly scanning your temperature. A green light flash prompts the kiosk attendant to provide you with a dated wristband for entry. Students who are above the temperature threshold of 100.4 F/38.0 C will be asked to sit distanced to the side for 5 minutes and given the option to repeat the scan; two screenings above the temperature threshold will not receive a wristband and require that you leave the campus. 
Hours will be 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., though some kiosk stations are dependent upon class times and days. 
Locations of the kiosks are:

Gym: East Study Hall Entrance – Nearest east doors (tennis courts) 

Culinary: Outdoor loading dock entrance to the kitchen. Availability depends upon Culinary class schedule.

Health Science: Entry – west door across from parking lot 8; located in the hallway by the soda machine, across from the stairs. EXIT-- East door. 

Skills Lab: Middle north double doors

Auto: East lobby in Northwood University off parking lot 10

Welding:1 kiosk next to the soda machine and under the South overhang

Metals: West garage (next to ME 3 door) across from parking lot 7. Availability depends Metals upon class schedule.

Woodworking: Door WD-14