eLumen Submission and Procedures

What is eLumen?

  • eLumen is a curriculum and assessment management system. All new and modified courses/programs must be submitted through eLumen

What is it used for?

  • A central repository for managing curricular needs for courses and programs
  • Student Learning Outcomes assessment and reporting

How do I access in eLumen?

Log in with your Cerritos username and password. eLumen is now synced with Cerritos College Portal.

Password must be reset through the Cerritos College portal as the log-in is linked with the Ldap server.

Where can I receive training?

  • CTX Training (Schedule coming soon)
  • Individual and Group Training
    • Contact Phally Lay to schedule individual/group training via Zoom or Teams

Where can I access step-by-step guides?

  • All step-by-step guide can be found at Microsoft Teams site
    • Step-by-Step Guide
      • Create New Course
        • How to add course contributor
        • How to map content review (Prerequisite, Corequisite, Recommendation)
        • How to add General Education and Comparable Courses
      • Modify Existing Course
        • How to edit SLOs
      • Creating New Program
        • How to add program contributor
      • Modify Existing Courses
      • How to upload attachments to courses and programs
      • How to print/save COR or program narrative

What is the Curriculum Procedure and Workflow?

  1. Faculty/Department Chair:
    • Launch and submit curriculum in eLumen 
      • Include and upload additional supplemental items such as
        •  TMC
        • LAOCRC recommendation
    • Department Coordinator Approval 
    • Division Dean Review
  2. Committee's Review, Voting, and Approval
    • Tech Review Meeting
    • Curriculum Committee Voting
    • Board of Trustees Approval
  3. State Submission
    • Chancellor’s Office Submission/Approval 
      • Must include supplemental documents
        • Associates degree for Transfer
          • TMC
        • CTE
          • LMI data
          • Regional CTE Recommendation
          • Advisory Committee Minutes
          • Department Notification of approval/denial
  4. PeopleSoft programming
    • new and modified courses will be updated in PeopleSoft management system
      • Programs will be sent to degree auditor at Admissions and Records
  5. Publication:
    • General Catalog
    • Schedule+

Do I have to go through the curriculum process for my items?

  • Mandatory items must go through curriculum process for approval
  • Periodic items will be approved via consent calendar and will not require your items to go through the entire workflow process
    • See below for list of Mandatory and Periodic Review Items

Mandatory Curriculum Review 

These items must go through the workflow process and reviewed through all channels.

New Courses
  • Cross listing of courses
  • Multicultural and Justification Statement
    • Statement should be placed in the submission rationale box
  • Content Review (Prerequisite, Corequisite, and/or Recommendations
  • Distance Education
  • General Education Question
    • GE Area
    • Comparable (CC) Community College Courses
    • Comparable (CSU) State University Courses
    • Comparable (UC) University Courses
    • Lower division courses #1-99
  • Associated Program
    • New courses must be included in an existing program or added to new program.
    • Programs must also be launched in eLumen to add new course
 Modifying Courses
  • Updating Course Prefix and course number*
  • Title*
  • Cross listing*
  • Description
  • Top code
  • Repeatability
  • Class size
  • Adding distance education
  • Adding general education
  • Updating requisite option

Must include Impacted Courses/Programs*

Contact Phally Lay for assistance with list of impacted courses/programs

New Programs
  • Local AA/AS degree
  • Local Certificate fo Achievement
  • CTE Certificate of Achievement
    • Must include LAOCRC supplemental documentation
      • Labor Market Information
      • Regional CTE recommendation
      • Advisory Committee minutes
  • CTE AA/AS degree 
    • Must include LAOCRC supplemental documentation
      • Labor Market Information
      • Regional CTE recommendation
      • Advisory Committee minutes
  • Associates of Arts/Science for Transfer


Periodic Review

Consent Calender items will not require full workflow review

  • Correcting typos and format
  • Methods of Instruction
  • Methods of Evaluation
  • Assignments
  • Textbooks
  • Course Content/Lab Content
  • Student Learning Outcomes