Curriculum Committee Members

Curriculum Chairperson: Carrie Edwards

Voting Members:

  • Continuing Education: Gabriela Barerra De Contreras
  • Business Education: Michael Binning
  • Counseling: Ken Matsuura
  • Student Accessibility and Services: Steve LaVigne
  • Fine Arts & Communications: Andrew Maz
  • Health Occupations: Jessie Lopez & Diane Loera
  • Humanities/Social Sciences: Amy Holzgang
  • Liberal Arts: Lee Anne McIlroy
  • Library and Student Success: Stephanie Rosenblatt
  • Kinesiology: Chris Richardson
  • Technology: David Li
  • Science, Engineering, & Mathematics: Manuel Lopez
  • Vice President, Academic Affairs (Or Designee): Michelle Simotas

Non-Voting Members:

  • Curriculum Specialist: Phally Lay
  • Dean, Enrollment Services: Yvette Tafoya
  • ACCME Representative #1: Chris Elquizabal
  • ACCME Representative #2: Elizabeth Riley
  • Faculty Senate Vice President: Ralph Casas
  • Associated Student of Cerritos College: VACANT

Quorum: 50% of voting members plus one.


Sub-Committee: Technical Review Members:

  • Curriculum Chair Person: Carrie Edwards
  • Curriculum Specialist: Phally Lay
  • Distance Education Coordinator: Lynn Serwin 
  • Articulation Officer/Counseling: Ken Matsuura
  • Admissions and Record: Kevin Nguyen (designee for Yvette Tafoya)
  • Health Occupations: Jessie Lopez & Diane Loera
  • Library and Student Success: Stephanie Rosenblat
  • Student Accessibility and Services: Steve LaVigne
  • SLO Coordinator: Lee Anne McIlory