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Cerritos College offers online courses to thousands of students in diverse areas of study.  Online courses come in many styles and choices from fully online, meaning a student does not need to attend campus at all, to on-campus orientations required and/or exams on campus required.  Another form of online education is hybrid or blended learning.  In this type of course, part of the classes are on campus and part are online.  All courses carry full academic credit and their content is equivalent to what you would receive in a more traditional mode of delivery.

Selecting Your Online Courses

View the Online Class Offerings to see a list of all 100% online and hybrid classes and instructors offered in the current and upcoming semesters. Many instructors provide detailed information to help you decide if a particular class is right for you, and to learn how to get started in an online class. When you click a link to a course, you will find specific information such as course type, orientations required, course material and contact information. Get started here...

Current Online Course Offerings

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If you have never taken an online course before, it is recommended that you first enroll in EDT 050 - Preparation for Online Learning.  There is at least one section of this 1-unit course offered every regular semester.


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